Kraft Creamy Sauces offer dip, dunk, and drizzle flavor versatility

Kraft Creamy Sauces lineup
Kraft Creamy Sauces lineup / Kraft

From the simple burger and fries to the globally inspired chicken recipe, the food on the plate is more than just a protein, veg, and starch. A flavorful sauce ties all the ingredients together and Kraft Creamy Sauces are the option that makes it easy for any home cook.

Whether it is the influence of the celebrity chef or the impact of more elevated choices while dining out, the made-at home meals are embracing those bolder flavors. Although there are a multitude of recipes available, home cooks may prefer to have a few shortcuts at the ready.

Kraft Creamy Sauces launched five new aiolis and sauces that offer home cooks the robust flavor that they crave without having to create that taste from scratch. From the person who is just starting their flavor journey to the cook who uses these condiments as another layer in a complicated recipe, there are plenty of reasons to stock up on the new food offering.

Speaking about the new Kraft Creamy Sauces, Kaitlin Roe, Brand Director, Kraft said, “In today’s world, we know the kitchen can be daunting for at-home cooks as culture holds them to impossibly high standards. Kraft Sauces aims to show the world that you don’t have to be a professional chef to make delicious food that feels good. With our new Creamy Sauces line, alongside our beloved existing offerings, Kraft Sauces brings restaurant-quality depth, tang, and spice right to the refrigerator – empowering fans to be more adventurous in the kitchen.”

Kraft Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli
Kraft Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli / Kraft

What are the five new flavors of Kraft Sauces?

According to the Kraft brand, the new sauces are Kraft Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli, Kraft Chipotle Aioli, Kraft Garlic Aioli, Kraft Burger Aioli and Kraft Buffalo Style Mayonnaise Dressing. The sauces hit all the flavor profiles and invite some food pairing experimentation.

To be clear, an aioli is not mayonnaise. One of the reasons why people would rather buy versus make an aioli is because creating it from scratch is laborious. As each drop of olive oil is emulsified into the sauce, it needs to be carefully watched to ensure that it is well incorporated. Even if chefs make it look easy, the process takes a deft hand to create this creamy, thick, and rich sauce.

Looking at the five offerings, the Kraft Smoky Hickory Bacon Flavored Aioli will quickly become a hit. While many people subscribe to the belief that everything is better with bacon, the reality is that this sauce would work on almost any protein. From a simple grilled chicken to a drizzle on a baked potato, people will enjoy experiment with this highly versatile flavor.

While the Garlic Aioli might be a classic, the Chipotle Aioli has a punch of flavor that many people will appreciate. The spice is subtle but apparent. This flavor would be perfect for French fries or even a little drizzle on a taco salad.

Lastly, the Kraft Burger Aioli might be the new secret sauce for burgers. Even though it is meant as a burger booster, the sauce is not limited to just sauce on bun. That tangy sauce could amplify a grilled pork skewer or even could add some depth to a grilled vegetable dish.

As home cooks experiment with these Kraft Sauces, they will find new ways to appreciate the flavors. Whether each use is a new idea or people rely on the tried and true, it might be best to buy two bottles to ensure that no one is left with sauceless.

Kraft Creamy Sauces will be available at various retailers. Check with stores for pricing and availability.