Kraft Flavor Fusions adapt to consumers’ evolving taste preferences

Kraft Flavor Fusions
Kraft Flavor Fusions / Kraft

Since the cheese plate may have become more than just an appetizer, people’s cheese preferences have evolved beyond the simple slice of cheddar. With the new Kraft Flavor Fusions, the blend of herbs and spices invites cooks to slice some culinary creativity.

Kraft Natural Cheese is a staple in many people’s households. It is more than the perfectly meltable American cheese slice or that favorite comfort food from the blue box. Consumers trust the brand. When new food offerings hit the shelf, they are more willing to take that leap and enjoy a new item.

With the Kraft Flavor Fusions, the block cheeses offer the versatility that consumers crave. Available in three flavors, Garlic & Herb Cheddar, Buffalo Ranch Monterey Jack and Tomato Basil Monterey Jack, the cheeses blend the familiar with bold.

As Amanda Vaal, director of Brand Marketing said, “Kraft Flavor Fusions unlocks what is possible in the dairy aisle.” Whether it is snacking, an ingredient in a recipe, or something totally out of the box, it is time to see what is “grate” about these new cheese offerings.

For example, the Garlic & Herb Cheddar can add depth to a classic mac and cheese. While cheddar might be the primary flavor, the herbaceous notes add some zesty notes to the classic dish. It does not overpower the flavor, but it makes it more rounded.

Looking at the Tomato Basil Monterey Jack, this cheese would be delicious on a chicken sandwich. For example, that classic flavor could pair well with grilled chicken on a brioche bun. For the person who does not like spicy with a Monterey Jack, this blend brings the flavor without scorching the tastebuds.

Lastly, the Buffalo Ranch Monterey Jack could be a new flavor for that classic burger. Although this cheese might be great for a dip or a snack plate, a few slices on a burger would bring a new take. It brings a tanginess that can stand up to the ground beef.

The new Kraft Flavor Fusions are available at Food Lion, Hy-Vee, ShopRite and Meijer. Additional retail locations will be added later in the year.