Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day deal 2024 brings extra sweetness

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day promotion 2024
Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day promotion 2024 / Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day deal is an excuse to enjoy another fresh from the line Original Glazed doughnut or any favorite doughnut from the food brand. Which doughnut gets your vote as the top choice for the food holiday?

National Doughnut Day arrives every June. While the history behind the food holiday is special, a reason to enjoy a doughnut or two on that day can be quite sweet. From a breakfast with friends to doughnut just because, no one can resist that extra doughnut on the table.

This year, the Krispy Kreme National Doughnut Day deal focuses on the “Your Favorite Free.” While many people cannot miss the opportunity for free food, this offer ensures that people get what they want.

On June 7, any guest can choose from one free “favorite” doughnut. Whether it is the Original Glazed, Kreme filled or sprinkle, that doughnut is completely free, no additional purchase is necessary.

As Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer said, “Krispy Kreme fans look forward to National Doughnut Day every year, and this year they can get their favorite for free. It’s a sweet day all around. We can’t wait to thank everyone for their love of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.” 

While National Food Day promotions build excitement, it is not just a celebration about a particular food. In reality, it is a day to thank guests for their loyalty.

Many people prefer one doughnut brand over another. While some people might run to get those tiny bites and others prefer a taste from the northern regions, there are many people who only will eat the doughnuts that have been bathed in that Original Glaze. The Red Light is more than just a symbol; it is a beacon to say that hot, fresh doughnuts are waiting to be enjoyed.

In addition to the free favorite doughnut, participating locations will offer $2 Original Glazed dozen with the purchase of any dozen. From sharing breakfast with everyone in the office to giving a box to a helpful neighbor, there are plenty of reasons to get some extra doughnuts to share.

Ready to celebrate National Doughnut Day with Krispy Kreme? What is your favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut flavor?