Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter vodka soda races to the front of the RTD cocktail pack

Sprinter Vodka Soda canned cocktail from Kylie Jenner
Sprinter Vodka Soda canned cocktail from Kylie Jenner / Sprinter

As the canned cocktail space continues to grow, brands need to do more to set themselves apart. With Sprinter vodka soda from Kylie Jenner, the clean, crisp fruit forward taste will quench the thirst for people who want more from their cocktail.

Enjoying a cocktail can be more than just another beverage in the glass. While some people might look to pairing a food with that beverage, others just want a refreshment with a side of excitement, fun, or even just simple frivolity. Pairing the moment with the beverage is just as important as the taste.

With Sprinter, the canned cocktails are about the whole experience. From holding the colorful can in your hand to toasting with friends, the brand wants to be it all to everyone.

Speaking to her new beverage offering, Kylie Jenner said, “Sprinter is my answer to the growing consumer demand for quality canned cocktails — we’re adding to a market dominated by only a few players with an incredibly delicious vodka soda in a can. Not only does Sprinter have a unique bold branding that captures the feeling of fun with your friends, it is also the best tasting vodka soda I’ve ever tried - and I’ve tried a lot. I can’t wait for people to taste it for themselves.”

While the colorful cans will make for a great photo op, a canned cocktail needs to be more than just a vibrant appearance. With Sprinter, the clean, crisp fruit flavors will have people putting the beverage into their regular rotation.

Sprinter comes in four flavors, Black Cherry, Peach, Grapefruit, and Lime. The flavors are approachable to a wide audience. The key to these flavors is the real fruit juice. Unlike other hard seltzers and other flavored beverages, the real fruit juice adds just the right amount of sweetness without becoming cloying. With no additional added sugar, it ensures that this drink is not a juice box.

These canned cocktails would be enjoyable both on their own and paired with food. From a spicy noodle dish to a simple hamburger, the food and beverage pairings are many.

The key to any vodka soda is the light, subtle taste. The fruit should be there, but it should not be fruit juice forward. Combined with an effervescent soda, the cocktail is an easy sipper. Whether sipped from the can or poured into a glass with a simple garnish, these canned cocktails can be simple or elevated. No matter the occasion, it can work.

Sprinter, by Kylie Jenner, will be available nationwide starting on March 21. A single can has 100 calories and a 4.5% ABV. An 8-can variety pack has a suggested retail price of $19.99.