Kylie Kelce unwraps a little sweet me time with Lindor Truffles, interview

While that red wrapped spherical chocolate truffle can be spotted from a distance, unwrapping that sweet treat can be more than just a satisfying indulgence. For Kylie Kelce, those Lindor Truffles always bring a smile to her day.
Lindor Truffles Big Game Commercial
Lindor Truffles Big Game Commercial / Lindor Truffles

As many women can appreciate, finding that moment of “me time” might be a luxury. From balancing family, work, and life in general, the moment to just sit is often replaced by constant movement. For Kylie Kelce, carving out those little moments can be rewarding. And, when life gets a little salty, it can be a taste of sweetness to the rescue.  

Although her husband, Jason Kelce, can often be the center of attention on and off the field, Kylie appreciates that a sweet moment can make up for any perceived saltiness. With Lindor Truffles debuting a commercial during the big game, Kelce shared her own take on adding a little sweetness to that winning food spread.  

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Kylie shared that her big game food spread is approachable. She mentioned, “we’re a Philly family so we always get a tomato pie. Then, the menu is usually some chicken wings and some type of dip. If we are getting a little fancy, there might be some sliders.”  

Since the big game can sometimes see emotions run high, Kylie thinks that those red wrapped truffles can be a great way to let cooler heads prevail. When asked if she had any personal experience in this situation, Kylie shared, “I will say my dad could get frustrated when watching games. Sometimes he would end up leaving the room.  I truly believe, I am not just saying this because of my partnership, but I think pop a Lindor truffle. You will have this moment of like, OK, I can do it. And, it also keeps your mouth busy, so you can't yell anymore.” 

With a slightly less loud response and a game day menu full of quick grabs and family favorites, the Lindor Truffles are never too far away. Her connection to that classic chocolate goes back to when her dad would buy her chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She mentioned that her husband now buys those chocolates for their girls. As she shared, those sweet treats are special because “dad is supposed to be your first love.”  

Kylie mentioned that her kids now recognize that red wrapped chocolate and even ask for it as a special treat. But, there are moments when she appreciates that the simple pause, for herself, to enjoy that indulgence is important.  

While the commercial might show how moments can go round, that me time for moms can be vital. Even though some women might dream of a luxurious escape where the calls of mom cannot be heard over the crashing waves, just a break from the otherwise busy day can be rejuvenating.  

When asked how she takes a little me time, Kylie shared, “sometimes I just go and get coffee by myself. That moment to reset my morning can be what I need. Or, I just wait until my kids go to bed and I’m going to take out the chocolate so that I do not have to share. Sometimes, I will seek out my red bag of Lindor truffles, bring two to the couch, because I want to make sure that if my husband ends up asking for one that I have a backup.” 

That relatable moment is why many people relate to Kylie and her perspective. Many women can appreciate that moment when sharing is not caring when it comes to giving away a piece of that beloved chocolate.  

In the end, a little moment of sweetness can be both simple and grand. While Kylie Kelce and her husband might have brought her family to the most magical place on Earth where dreams come true, those princess indulgences can be found beyond castle walls. Sometimes, the sweetest moments are waiting to be enjoyed just beyond a bright red wrapper.  Ready to unwrap your own Lindor Truffles experience?