LaLa Anthony serves this family favorite when she feels under the weather, interview

LaLa Anthony cooking in the kitchen
LaLa Anthony cooking in the kitchen / photo provided by Delsym, photo by Michael Simon

From the first sign of a winter chill till the flowers start to bloom in the spring, keeping those under the weather days to a minimum is important. LaLa Anthony has a recipe that is comforting but also helps to get everyone back to feeling better.  

Like many working moms, LaLa Anthony understands there are moments when the caregiver role takes precedence over the to-do list. Whether it is mom’s soothing words or just knowing where the Delsym, the #1 doctor recommended, 12-hour cough suppressant, is hidden in the bathroom, mom often comes to the rescue. Somehow, she knows the secret to getting the family to feel better.  

Recently, Anthony spoke to FoodSided and shared some advice that works in her house when her family feels a little under the weather. From serving a favorite comfort food meal to calming that troublesome cough, the path to feeling better can be easier than it seems.  

As many moms appreciate, kids can want that comforting touch when they may not be feeling well. Even if that kid towers over their mother, that nurturing aspect seems to be the panacea to feeling better.  

Lala Anthony said, “I think that's just a mom thing. Like when you're not feeling well, you just always want your mom or the person that took care of you growing up, it’s just the most comforting thing. You know you're going to feel better if your mom is there, that's just what it is. And like you said, no matter how old, like Kiyan, my son, he'll still jump into bed and lay on me or sit on the couch and lay on my shoulder. It's just a mom thing.”  

That mom thing can extend to a favorite family recipe or cure all. Some people have matza ball soup others swear by grandma’s special elixir. In Anthony’s house, there are two Puerto Rican dishes that are always favorites.  

Anthony shared, “I love my Puerto Rican Chicken Soup and my Arroz Con Pollo recipes. Just whenever we were sick, we just knew that, you know, my mom was going to make the Puerto Rican Chicken soup. It's also a soup that we would have throughout the year, even if we weren't sick. And it's funny because as an adult now when I have it, it's so nostalgic. Like, I just remember growing up and the same tastes or what I was doing or how I was feeling and it's crazy that food can even invoke those type of emotions.” 

While those favorite Puerto Rican comfort food dishes are family favorites, sometimes Anthony needs a little extra help. When that first sniffle or cough appears, there is one item that she chooses.   

“Delsym is our go to, and it’s the number one doctor recommended 12 hour cough suppressant. I've used that for years, so it was amazing to do this partnership with them. That's something I've had as a staple in my household for years for myself, and for Kiyan, and always makes us feel better. And it's just our go to when we need to feel better, especially when the cough starts making its way around the house and everything.” 

While some people bask in the winter wonderland, others would prefer to escape the chill. Anthony falls into the latter group. She said,  “I definitely prefer warmer climates. I mean, I live in New York, so I'm used to the cold and different seasons, but I would always prefer a warmer climate.”  

Since Anthony is accustomed to the cold, she has found a way to look good even when bundled up with all the winter weather wear. Offering her fashion advice, Anthony believes “nowadays, there's just no rules to fashion. Sneakers are fashion, sweat suits are fashion. You know, whatever you feel comfortable in. If you're wearing something and you're confident, then you're going to exude that confidence and it's going to look good to anyone. Like nowadays, looking good is not about a dress, or heels, or being uncomfortable. It's whatever you feel is comfortable for you, you can make into fashion. It’s more about the confidence of wearing it.”  

Looking beyond the winter season, Anthony has an exciting 2024 ahead. She shared,  “I'm most excited right now for BMF Season Three, which is premiering on March 1. So, it's such a great show that people love and I am so excited to be back on the air on Starz. Also, we're going to start filming Season Four in March as well. So just getting back into the groove of filming and being on set. Just going back into that mode is something that I'm looking forward to.” 

Even if there is a wintery blast coming or just needing a little support to get to feeling better, there are options. From the kitchen to the medicine cabinet, it is time to silence the cough and get moving towards brighter days.