Lay's Sweet and Spicy Honey chips prove flavor opposites satisfy

Lay's Sweet and Spicy Honey chips
Lay's Sweet and Spicy Honey chips / Frito-Lay

Sometimes a combination is a match made in flavor heaven. The new Lay’s Sweet and Spicy Honey chips have everyone swooning over the Frito-Lay swicy offering. It might be the new snack flavor that has everyone pledging their devotion to the food trend.

Snacking trends are constantly evolving. A few years back, global flavors took snacks around the world. Whether the spice was new or a taste from a favorite trip, people grabbed the exciting offering in addition to the classic, tried and true.

Even more recently, briny flavors seemed to take over the shelf. Even though that pucker forward flavor might have been served on the plate in a different form, many people saw those chips as a way to boost the eating enjoyment of the whole meal.

Now, the swicy trend has taken over. The combination of sweet and heat captivates people’s attention. Whether it makes spice more approachable or the contrast is just craveable, people want that flavor in more food choices.

According to Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing, PepsiCo Foods North America said, “As a leader in flavor innovation, Lay's is always on the lookout for the latest trends to inspire our next potato chip flavors. From condiments to cocktails to restaurant menus, the Swicy food trend is everywhere now, so we're excited to bring this unique combination of flavors to life in potato chip form for fans of sweet heat."

While many people will happily grab handful after handful from a bowl, the new Lay’s flavor lends itself to some creative recipes. One example from reality TV stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton is their “Marry Me meal.” While this idea might not necessarily be the same as engagement chicken, the idea of Lay's Swicy Chicken Tenders makes sense. It is a concept that has been used with Lay’s chips previously.

The same concept can be applied to a white fish. In some ways, the idea might work well in a fish taco recipe. From breading the fish to using the crumbs for added texture, there are a bounty of options. For someone going through a breakup, it might be the bold reminder that there are more fish in the sea.

More importantly, using the chips in different ways shows that food should never go to waste. There are plenty of uses for those favorite snacks.

The Lay's Sweet and Spicy Honey flavored chips are available at various retailers as well as Check with stores for availability and pricing.