Lillet toasts to France, fashion, and Emily in Paris with exclusive stylish cocktails

Lillet Emily in Paris cocktails
Lillet Emily in Paris cocktails / Lillet

As Emily in Paris Season 4 returns to Netflix, Lillet has fashionable, French inspired cocktails that will be the perfect pairing for all that drama. Do not spray these bottles, the classic French wine based aperitif is too precious to spill a drop.

Many people appreciate the delicate, lively Lillet flavor. Whether it is served in a brunch cocktail or just as an addition to champagne, the French wine-based aperitif is always a favorite. Drinkers appreciate how the flavor adapts to many beverages.

To celebrate Emily in Paris Season 4, Lillet will feature special bottles in honor of the Netflix series. The bottles will be available starting August 1 and will have a retail price of $23.99. While the labels capture the visual intrigue that the series offers, there is more to this offering than just a bottle label.

For anyone who would like to channel their inner Parisan fashionista, Lillet has offered some Emily in Paris cocktails. Whether sipped while rewatching the previous seasons or enjoyed as a lead up to the Paris Olympics, these light, vivacious cocktails are the perfect pairing for any occasion.

Emily Lillet Royale with Lillet Blanc

This cocktail has a curious combination of ingredients. The peach puree with strawberries and mint is juicy yet refreshing. That hint of mint awakens the senses while the peach brings sweetness without becoming overpowering. It is enticing, just like Emily.


Ice cubes

1 part Lillet Blanc

2 parts champagne

1/2 part peach puree

Garnish: strawberry & mint

Emily Lillet Royale with Lillet Rose

Strawberries are always a great pairing. From the vibrant color to the sweet flavor, this cocktail is fun, flirty, and always in fashion.


Ice cubes

1 part Lillet Rosé

2 parts rosé champagne

1/2 part strawberry puree

Garnish: strawberry & mint

Ready to toast to Joie de vivre? Open a bottle of Lillet and embrace that inner Parisian in all of us.