Limited edition Fritos Flavor Twists have everyone chasing down this special snack

Limited Edition Fritos Flavor Twisters
Limited Edition Fritos Flavor Twisters / Fritos

A flavor storm is brewing and is ready to blow through the snack aisle. Fritos Flavor Twists are back, just in time to enjoy them while watching the new “Twister” movie.

Combining two favorite flavors in a single bite can be a huge food moment. Not only does it revitalize a favorite snack, but it brings excitement. It does not mean that the classic taste has gone stale. Instead, it makes everyone hungry to enjoy another serving.

While the first Fritos Flavor Twists arrived in the late 1990s, the new offering for this summer will make a big flavor impression. The latest offering combines Flavor Twists Flamin’ Hot with Flavor Twists Ranch. The two flavors in a single bag are an unique eating experience that brings the unexpected.

To be clear, the two flavors are in one bag. Whether people will be carefully picking piece by piece to ensure the flavor progressional or eating handfuls to determine which combination is the best flavor balance, snack lovers will have to experiment with all the possibilities.

Limited Edition Fritos Flavor Twisters
Limited Edition Fritos Flavor Twisters / Fritos

This idea is a first for Fritos and the reason is a curious one. The special release is in conjunction with the new movie, "Twister." While some people will remember the epic film from 1996, this new version is more intense, just like the flavor combination of this new snack.

The connection between the Fritos snack and the movie is a fun play on the “twisted” shape.  The snack’s spiral and the tornado’s funnel connection is apparent. Unlike that weather phenomenon, these snacks do not leave destruction in their path.

Anyone who would like to snag a bag of these special snacks should visit Fritos' Instagram account for more information. There will be additional details on how to “chase down” one of these limited edition offerings.

For everyone else who does not hit the flavor jackpot, maybe the PepsiCo can release this concept to a wider audience. The idea of blending two flavors in a single bag would definitely have a huge audience. The possibilities are many.

And, if that idea does not come to fruition. Snack fans can make their own version at home. Simply pour two bags in a bowl and mix. It does not require a tornadic event, but the flavor experience could be a sweeping impact.