Loacker Minis Spring Mix celebrates sweet, bright flavors of the season

Loacker Minis Spring Mix
Loacker Minis Spring Mix / Loacker

While Easter baskets might be full of candy, the Loacker Minis Spring Mix has everyone hopping to make that first purchase. Before summer comes, a second or third bag will be hitting the cart, too.  

The Italian wafer and confectionery company has a plethora of treats that delight people. From the iconic Quadratini to the classic wafer cookies in many flavors, there is always a reason to have at least one package of Loacker treats on hand.  

With the new Loacker Mini Spring Mix, the zesty, bright flavors capture the excitement of the season. The individually packaged cookies in a large size format ensure that a little treat is available whenever the craving hits.  

Speaking to the special offering, TJ Rooney, president of Loacker USA said, "We are passionate about celebrating the joy that comes from sharing delicious treats with friends and family. We're excited to usher in the spring season with fresh flavors that anyone can enjoy for picnics, road trips, in lunchboxes, or anywhere while on the go." 

Included in the Loacker Minis Spring Mix are vanilla, lemon and raspberry-yogurt. The vanilla is a classic flavor. It is sweet, but not overly cloying. It is a lovely side to a cup of coffee. Or, it can be a little treat to top an ice cream or even a textural component on a cupcake.  

Perfect for Spring, the lemon flavor is zesty. It has just the right amount of tartness without being to pucker forward. With this flavor, it is a great choice to pair with an afternoon tea or a sweet ending to a brunch. As Easter approaches, it could be a flavorful alternative to all the chocolate and jellybeans.

Lastly, the raspberry-yogurt hits a lovely balance of rich yet a touch tart. While the pretty pink color tempts the eye, it is the flavor that will have people enjoying a couple. It has just the right amount of sweetness without being too much.  

Since the Loacker Minis Spring Mix comes individually wrapped, it invites enjoying a treat anywhere and everywhere. While it offers a little pick-me up in the lunch box, it can easily be that treat for a little me time. From the carpool line to a treat after making it through an endless meeting, sometimes the sweet surprises can make any day a little brighter.  

The Loacker Minis Spring Mix is available at Costco and via Instacart. Check with warehouses and the app for pricing and availability.