Malibu’s ready to serve cocktails pour a taste of the tropics

While warm breezes can carry the sounds of steel drums, a beach chaise lounge nestled in the sand is not the only place where a tropical cocktail can be enjoyed. With the new Malibu’s ready to serve cocktails, any day can come with a little sip of escapism.
Malibu ready to serve cocktails
Malibu ready to serve cocktails / Malibu

Sometimes a single sip changes the moment for the better. A dreary day finds a ray of sunshine. The chaos seems to fade into relaxation. With the new Malibu’s ready to serve cocktails, a glass of ice becomes a taste of the tropics with just a pour.  

Ready to drink cocktails have earned prime space on the shelf. While canned cocktails come in various forms, those single serving options might not always be the right choice. For example, a party or a simple night in with friends might be more festive with a second round.  

With Malibu’s ready to serve cocktails, the larger beverage format is a nice balance between having another libation but not having to serve the entire bar. Plus, the convenience ensures that anytime the thirst hits, the refreshment is waiting.  

According to Matt Foley, Vice President of Marketing, Malibu, “We’ve seen the ready-to-serve category grow more than 70% in the past year, including a rise in rum drinks, which is a great opportunity for Malibu to deliver on what our consumers are looking for – easy and delicious cocktails. With Malibu's most popular tropical cocktails now available in a shareable format, this is the perfect option for getting together with friends and experiencing the summer mindset that a Malibu drink delivers." 

What are Malibu’s ready to serve cocktail flavors?  

The new Malibu’s ready to serve cocktail flavors are Strawberry Daiquiri, Pineapple Bay Breeze and Rum Punch. While each cocktail has its unique flavor profile, all three capture that iconic Malibu taste. Even before the first sip hits the lips, the tempting tropical aroma brings a blissful state of beachy vibes.  

The most surprising flavor is the Pineapple Bay Breeze. The pineapple is a touch sweet, but it has a subtly which makes it quite enjoyable. In contrast, the Rum Punch is a complex combination of mango, orange, cranberry and coconut. All those flavors are balanced with precision of a master mixologist.  

Since the three flavors take the guesswork out of shaking up a version of these cocktails, adding a few creative garnishes to the glass can elevate the experience. Beyond the little paper umbrellas, a little extra can make the whole experience a little more memorable.  

For example, instead of pouring the cocktail over regular ice, consider freezing some strawberry slices into an ice cube tray for the strawberry daiquiri. It will not only boost the strawberry flavor but also it adds to the appearance.  

If the ice cube concept is too fussy, thinking beyond the traditional fruit garnish can be lovely. For example, consider adding some mint to the strawberry daiquiri for a burst of brightness. Or, add a spicy sugar rim to the Rum Punch for an added kick.  

As the summer months quickly approach on the horizon, these Malibu ready to serve cocktails will definitely be the hit of any gathering. And, when the pool is not open, the flavors can be a sip of escapism that people are craving.  

The new Malibu ready to serve cocktails will be available this spring. The suggested retail price is $14.99.