Master carving that Easter ham with these simple tips

HoneyBaked Ham for Easter
HoneyBaked Ham for Easter / HoneyBaked

As everyone sits at the holiday table, the host does not want to butcher the main protein for the feast. With a few simple tips, carving that Easter ham is easier than people realize.

Ham has become a favorite food for Easter. While people can reference many reasons for this tradition, the availability, price, and taste are often factors that come to mind. Even though some traditions serve lamb, the cured ham has become synonymous with Easter.

While there is pressure involved when carving the Thanksgiving turkey, carving the Easter ham may not be as stressful. In the case of holiday hosts who order a HoneyBaked Ham, one option can simplify the process completely.

According to professionally-trained and certified HoneyBaked Master Glazer, Brian Heffern, HoneyBaked might be the answer for the carving novice. Heffern commented, “Luckily for anyone that hates carving a ham, Honey Baked Hams come pre-sliced in a spiral – we’ve already done the hard work for you.”

With a good start to the whole carving process, Hefern broke down the steps further. Here’s how he slices that perfectly juicy ham.

“To release the slices, separate them gently with a knife. You may also prefer to section the ham into smaller portions.

To section:

1. Using a knife, cut around the bone of the ham.

2. Cut along the natural muscle lines to remove the top section of slices.

3. Cut straight down from the base of the bone to release the remaining sections."

While it might not be the most earth shattering food hack, it shows why HoneyBaked Ham is always a good choice for a holiday meal. Instead of worry about the process, everyone can focus on what really matters, the people around the table.

Still, as any holiday host appreciates, accommodating everyone’s preferences can be a tricky task. Since some people prefer their ham hot and others prefer room temperature, there is a way to appease everyone around the table.

For both scenarios, Hefern recommends these preparations. “Honey Baked Ham is best served when removed from the refrigerator around 30 minutes before you expect guests to arrive, to allow it to reach room temperature. That said, some people do prefer their ham warmed. In that case, make sure to only heat it by the slice so it stays moist, tender and flavorful. Just heat each pound of slices in the oven for 10 minutes at 275 degrees.”

If there are some guests to will not budge from their temperature preference, another simple solution can be the problem solver. Hefern offered this advice. “I also like to warm it by the slice. I always recommend cutting off the slices you would like warmed, then taking our crunchy glaze and breaking it up over the ham so that when it warms, the glaze is melting onto the pieces of ham. It is my best way to get the flavor of the sweet and crunchy glaze on every single slice.”

This Easter, carving the ham does not have to cause the holiday host to feel rattled. With a HoneyBaked Ham at the center of the table and a few tips, everyone is guaranteed to have a delicious meal.