MasterChef Season 14 episode 6 exclusive clip: Aged ingredients, big flavors

Murt prepares an aged ribeye on MasterChef Season 14 episode 6
Murt prepares an aged ribeye on MasterChef Season 14 episode 6 / FOX

As the “Generations” battle to determine which age group is superior, MasterChef Season 14 episode 6 asks the cooks to use aged ingredients in their dishes. Age might be just a number, but well-balanced flavor will always have a cook rise to the top.

Although MasterChef Season 14 is just starting the main part of the competition, the divide between some top contenders and the struggling cooks has become clear. After the first Mystery Box Challenge, some cooks struggled to find the success from their audition.

One cook was Murt. While viewers love his personality, his first dish was not successful. When Joe Bastianich makes a reference to baby food, the dish is clearly on the bottom.
But, Murt is not going to be defeated.

In this exclusive clip from MasterChef Season 14 episode 6, aged ingredients could help Murt earn some praise from the judges.

As seen in the clip, Murt combines a dry aged ribeye with blue cheese and a black garlic sweet potato puree. If that ingredient list sounds like a mouthful, just think about the flavor combination. Aaron Sanchez and Joe Bastianich warn him to avoid the bottom three, again. But, this dish might not be Murt’s redemption.

Thinking about these ingredients, part of the competition makes sense. A blue cheese sauce with an aged ribeye is a classic. The beef can stand up to the pungency of the cheese. As long as the sauce is balanced, those two elements could work.

Black garlic and sweet potato are not a common pairing. While sweet potato has an earthiness, the sweetness cannot be overlooked. Black garlic tends to be sour, sweet, and sometimes a touch smoky. To be clear, the flavor combination can work, if done correctly. It could be Murt's sink or swim moment.

The bigger question with this clip is that Murt is using a food processor to make his puree. If his potatoes become gummy, the judges will not appreciate that texture. Overwhipped potatoes are never a good idea.

Lastly, Murt’s cooking method for his steak could cause trouble. Typically, to get a good sear/crust on a steak, it needs to sit in the pan and create that flavor layer. While flipping will allow the steak to cook more quickly, Murt should not “flip” that steak until the crust appears, which will take a few minutes. Constant flipping shows impatience. Hopefully, he pays attention to his steak and achieves great results.

Will Murt avoid the bottom three or will he face elimination once again? Be sure to watch MasterChef Season 14 episode 6, “Age is Just a Number” July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX. Episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.