McCain transforms National French Fry Day into the ultimate holiday extravaganza

McCain opens the doors to World's First French Fry house for National French Fry Day
McCain opens the doors to World's First French Fry house for National French Fry Day / McCain

From crinkle cut to shoestring, French fries are a favorite with young and old. For this year’s National French Fry Day celebration, McCain is raising the bar. French fries are more than a food, it is an all-encompassing experience.

Food holidays are a reason to celebrate. From restaurants offering special deals to people filling the table with all those flavors, that special date is an excuse to indulge in a favorite treat.

While some people can debate the best day to celebrate National French Fry Day, the reality is that people cannot resist the opportunity to devour another helping of fries. With so many options available, those spectacular spuds can be on the plate morning, noon, and night.

McCain knows a lot about potatoes and wanted to make this year’s French fry celebration one for the record books. On July 12 and 13, the World's First French Fry house will welcome guests. From 5-10 p.m. on both nights, the well-appointed house will be serving fries, singing songs, and welcoming the main man, Father Frymas.

As Vice President of Marketing at McCain, Tracy Hostetler commented, “At McCain we’re on a mission to bring people together, and there’s no better time to celebrate the unifying power of French fries than National French Fry Day! That’s why we are inspiring fellow French Fry lovers to imagine what it would be like if this day was a real holiday, from catchy tunes and delicious recipes to fun decorations and new traditions. To top it all off, we’ll be unveiling the first-ever National French Fry Day house – including Fry-themed decorations, sampling, and even a photo op with Father Fry-mas.”

These types of pop-up events have become more common. Not only are they a great way to celebrate a National Food Holiday, they engage people with the food and the brand. People might be giddy to share that photo during the event, but the impact lasts far longer than those fleeting minutes.

Like any good marketing campaign, these events are designed to create brand awareness. If a consumer sees that product on the shelf, remembers the special event, and purchases the food, the mission is mastered. Of course, there will be plenty of buzz during the moment. More importantly, it is how that “buzz” continues to hum long after the lights are turned off in that “Fry House.”

For anyone who would like to experience this fry-tastic experience for themselves, the doors will open on July 12. The McCain National French Fry Day House is located at 224 N Elmwood Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302.

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