McDonald’s Special Grade Garlic Sauce is a flavor game changer

McDonald’s Special Grade Garlic Sauce packages
McDonald’s Special Grade Garlic Sauce packages / McDonald's

Move over swicy, it is time to get a big punch of umami flavor. With the new McDonald’s Special Grade Garlic Sauce, the taste will bring an animated discussion to the meal.

Starting on July 9 via the McDonald’s app, the Special Grade Garlic Sauce, in partnership with “JUJUTSU KAISEN” will hit the menu. Anime fans will be refreshing that screen till the first packets become available.

The special packaging features eight different lid designs. While it would be difficult to “save” that particular favorite lid design, there is fun seeing which character becomes the most sought after container or most elusive one.

While some anime fans will be running to McDonald’s to celebrate this collaboration, food lovers have another reason to start dipping. The Special Grade Garlic Sauce brings a whole new experience to the quick service restaurant space.

According to McDonald’s, the sauce’s flavor combines garlic and soy sauce with a slightly tangy sweet note. While chicken nuggets have gone spicy, sweet, and even swicy, the big punch of umami is different.

Given that the flavor is quite balanced, it could be more than just a dipping sauce for the nuggets. Why buy some fries and turn it into a big bowl. Drizzling the sauce over the nuggets and fries could be quite tasty.

Also, while this sauce is meant for the nuggets, it might be quite tasty on a burger, too. Soy and garlic are a great combination with a beef patty. While not buy that value meal and experiment with some flavor pairings.

While this special sauce is meant as a promotion for the collaboration with JUJUTSU KAISEN, guests do not have to be familiar with the story to like the sauce. A great food choice needs to stand on its own beyond the promotional blitz. Maybe this special condiment will show up again, in another way.

Check with the McDonald’s app on July 9 for more information on the McDonald’s Special Grade Garlic Sauce.