Michelin announces 2024 Florida awarded restaurants, including Green Stars

Natsu, Orlando restaurant, Michelin Star
Natsu, Orlando restaurant, Michelin Star / Titan Wang

After first bringing the Michelin Awards to Florida in 2022, nine more restaurants join the prestigious group of celebrated dining establishments for the 2024 Michelin Florida awards. From perennial favorites to exciting newcomers, the Sunshine State celebrates its culinary diversity.

From choosing a special dinner close to home or planning a culinary event during a vacation, the Michelin Guide represents the best in food and hospitality. Over the years, the award winning restaurants have celebrated the evolution of the dining world. Alongside the impeccable, multi-course tasting menus are eclectic, heartfelt offerings that are deeply personal. That diversity which blooms amongst the garden of stars has not only excited the tried-and-true diner but welcomed a new group of guests to the table.

The 2024 Michelin Florida list includes one two-star, the highly acclaimed, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami retained its status. The Miami restaurant rightly deserves this designation.

As Chef James Friedberg, Executive Chef of L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami said, “To be the torchbearer of this honor in Florida fills me with immense pride and gratitude. Thank you to our loyal guests who continue to inspire us, and to the Michelin Guide for recognizing our relentless pursuit of perfection. This journey has been nothing short of a chef’s dream come true. It's a testament to the passion and dedication of every member of our team, from the kitchen magicians to the front-of-house. Here's to many more years of pushing boundaries, being trendsetters in the luxury dining space, and creating unforgettable dining experiences at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon! We are honored to continue to lead the way in the Sunshine State.” 

While the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Miami is the pinnacle of dining, the robust list of Michelin starred restaurants in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa showcases the culinary diversity in the state. Although many people will have varying opinions on Walt Disney World’s iconic Victoria and Albert receiving its first star, the list of well-known and newcomers is exciting.

Specifically looking at Orlando, the honored restaurants include three time winner Soseki and newcomer Papa Lllama, a Peruvian restaurant that offers an affordable tasting menu. Of course, other returning favorites like Capa and Kadence delight both locals and guests to the City Beautiful.

In the 2024 Michelin Florida Awards, Tampa received some well-deserved recognition. Although Bern’s Steakhouse has never made the list, Ebbe is a gem. Even though Latino might be abundant in the Tampa area, the chef’s Swedish heritage brings some Scandinavian flare to its menu. The dishes can be hearty, but their complex flavors are quite alluring.

While the three cities have various dining options, it is important that Michelin awarded two Green Stars. For those unfamiliar with that designation, the Green Star represents excellence in sustainable and eco-friendly gastronomy.

The two Florida restaurants with Green Stars are Kaya, in Orlando, and Los Félix/Krüs Kitchen in Miami. Kaya focuses on using 90% locally sourced ingredients. Not only does this choice focus the seasonal menu, but it helps to support local purveyors. Additionally, the restaurant employes creative waste reduction techniques.

Overall, Florida boasts a total of 149 honored restaurants including Michelin Stars, Green Stars, and Bib Gourmands. The list includes 19 different types of cuisines at the various restaurants. A complete list can be found on Michelin’s website.