Michelin celebrates Xcaret’s Ha’ gastronomical excellence with a well deserved star

Ha' at Hotel Xcaret Mexico earns a Michelin Star
Ha' at Hotel Xcaret Mexico earns a Michelin Star / Grupo Xcaret

Xcaret resorts are the pinnacle of luxury and Xcaret’s Gastronomic Collective celebrates the connection between food and culture. Michelin recognized Xcaret’s Ha’ with its first star and the accolade is well deserved.

Stepping into a Xcaret resort is full of luxury. From the family inclusive Hotel Xcaret Mexico to the artistically inspired Hotel Xcaret Arte to the extravagant at La Casa de La Playa, Grupo Xcaret offers a destination for any and every guest. While the ambiance sets a tone for the overall experience, the food and dining experiences feed both the body and soul.

During the 2024 Mexico Michelin Guide announcements, Ha’ received a star, which is a first for Grupo Xcaret and its Gastronomic Collective. Led by chefs Carlos Gaytán and Cristian Castillo Sánchez, the culinary experience is dynamic, innovative, and, at times, playful. Always the epitome of elegance, the multi-course journey brings together the Mexican heritage with classic culinary techniques.

As guests enter the restaurant, the connection to water is apparent. From a whirlpool installation to the mesmerizing sound of cascading water, that liquid brings life to the space in a gentle, rejuvenating way. Even before the first bite is enjoyed, the expectation is set. This meal will bring a new perspective, a longing to make and keep a connection.

The multi-course menu celebrates native ingredients. As seen throughout the Gastronomic Collective, the desire to be thoughtful about food’s impact beyond the plate is clear. By respecting the land and sea through sustainable practices, it will continue to offer a bounty of delicious food for all to enjoy.

While the menu does change, Chef Gaytan’s approach of infusing French culinary techniques with Mexican ingredients and traditions is clear. The impeccable, visually stunning plating showcases the precise execution in each dish.

Beyond the enticing appearance, it is the flavors that etch a memory for weeks, months, and more. A simple aroma wafting in the air can instantly recall those moments at the table where a simple popcorn revealed its complex flavor.

With this Michelin Star, Chef Carlos Gaytan has been recognized both in the U.S. and in Mexico. The culinary talent showcases his varied approach throughout all this restaurant concepts. While the ideas are diverse, the connection to his Mexican heritage is always front and center.

In addition to its Michelin Star Ha’, Grupo Xcaret has numerous culinary delights across its restaurants. From the collective chef experience at Xa’ak to Virgilio Martinez’s Estero, guests need several days to enjoy all the dining options.

Ha’ is located at Hotel Xcaret Mexico. In addition to resort guests having access to the restaurant, reservations can be made online.