Michelle Buteau and Miss Vickie’s want to see your expressive snacking, interview

Michelle Buteau for Miss Vickie's Chips
Michelle Buteau for Miss Vickie's Chips / Photo by Bronson Farr, provided by Miss Vickie's

When a craving for a crispy, crunchy, flavorful snack hits, that feeling is more than just curbing a hunger. For people who want to channel their expressive snacking, Michelle Buteau and Miss Vickie’s have the space to showcase it.

People can be passionate about food. Whether it was the first meal enjoyed with a significant other or the recipe that grandma made for every birthday celebration, food connects people long after the plate is cleared.

Since its inception, Miss Vickie’s had combined making things better with providing crunchy, satisfying chips. From a classic Sea Salt to a tangy BBQ, care, craft, and love goes into bringing the best possible snack to the table.

Recently, Miss Vickie’s partnered with comedian, actress, and entertainer Michelle Buteau to encourage snack fans to express their love of a great chip. The “Stroke of Goodness” Contest comes after the chip brand joined the shelves at major retailers, like Sam’s Club, Kroger, and Walmart.

The special contest invites everyone to be inspired showcase their love of those crispy, crunchy chips in an artistic way. While the snack brand might use watercolor illustrations on its packaging, everyone is encouraged to channel their own creative spirit. From bold brush strokes to intricate designs, one winner will be featured in the creative campaign.

As part of the contest launch, Michelle Buteau graciously spoke with FoodSided about her Miss Vickie’s partnership, her thoughts on a favorite chip flavor, and her upcoming Radio City Music Hall special.

When asked about her favorite Miss Vickie’s flavor, Buteau answered with a quick witted comeback. She said, “Picking a favorite flavor feels like picking a favorite Beyoncé song. They all mean something different and depends. It really depends on what 'mama juice' I'm having.”

Although Buteau’s choice might vary, her family has a different opinion. She shared, “I have 5 year old twins. When I put all the flavors out, I make them talk about what flavor they like and why. Baby boy Otis was so cute. He's like, I like the brown ones because they taste like chicken, like great BBQ. But my husband definitely likes sour cream because he's always having a cold beer with those chips.”

While there is hopefully no fighting over the various flavors, those preferences bring up a good point about Miss Vickie’s. Everyone has a different reason to enjoy one flavor. In some ways, it goes to the heart of the “Stroke of Goodness” campaign.

Since she will have a hand in choosing the winning design, Buteau understands that everyone will have their own way of expressing their vision. She said, “not to sound like a substitute art teacher, but I hope that that love of a great snack comes out in its purest form. Whenever I’ve created something that means something, that is where the best stuff comes from. It just inspires you. I really hope that people take a moment to think. Whether it is the love of going food shopping and feeling like a moment from Supermarket Sweeps or a memory from sitting on the porch with Nana, that open heart and mind can create art in its purest form.”

While Buteau is encouraging everyone to find their own self-expression, many people have turned to her movies, shows, and comedy specials to bring them joy. From her Netflix shows to her upcoming Radion City Music Hall performance, Buteau is willing to take the risk because she appreciates the opportunity afforded to her and how it opens doors for all those who come behind her.

Sharing some background on her upcoming performance, Buteau said, “doing a special at Radio City Music Hall was really like betting on black. It is a risk not only because it is expensive but I want to the world to see a comic like myself on that stage. Growing up, watching comedy, I did not see myself anywhere. I want all beautiful people, of all backgrounds, to look at that stage and say we can do that too and we never have to settle.”

While some people might stand in the spotlight and bask in the applause, that triumphant moment is only one example how people can channel their own expressiveness. For snack lovers and fans of Miss Vickie’s chips, it is time to put pen, pencil, or marker to paper and sketch their love of a crispy, crunchy, delicious chip. Ready to share your “Stroke of Goodness” with the world?