M&M’S Valentine’s Day candies focus on personalized, colorful connections

M&M'S Valentine's Day gifts
M&M'S Valentine's Day gifts / M&M'S

Sometimes a sweet, favorite treat can be the flavorful way to express that loving sentiment. With this year’s bounty of M&M’S Valentine’s Day candies, the colorful connections with that special someone open a spectrum of possibilities.  

Finding a Valentine’s Day food gift that captures what a person wants to say is never easy. No one wants to spend a fortune only to have that gesture fall flat. If a person would never dare try a caviar bump, it might not be time to break out that container of sturgeon.  

M&M’S are and always be that classic candy has been part of everyday moments and special occasions. From handfuls enjoyed while watching a movie to scoop-fulls folded into an ice cream, there are no shortage of ways to enjoy those colorful candies.  

With the M&M’S Valentine’s Day candies, the classic candy coated candies are more than just satisfying a craving. It is a way to add a special saying, create a connection, or just make someone smile by gifting their favorite candy.  

As Jarid Lukin, Global Sr. Director, M&M'S Digital said, “Valentine's Day and chocolate go hand-in-hand, Mars wants to make sure consumers have a sweet holiday by making it easy to find thoughtful gifts with our M&M'S Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Complete with heart-shaped gift boxes, candy dispensers, party favors and more, our gifts continue to showcase what MMS.com has to offer, with personalized options that add an extra sprinkle of love."   

For example, new this year are the Customizable Packaging Options show that the gift giver is making the effort. It could be an inside joke, a favorite saying, or whatever makes the gift different. No matter what the words are, it is more than just throwing a package in a gift bag.  

And, if that special someone loves strawberry, the limited-edition M&M’S White Chocolate Strawberry Shake is back. The seasonal, sweet white chocolate paired with the juicy, fruity strawberry has many people swooning over the flavor. Instead of putting those chocolate covered strawberries on the plate, consider adding these candies to a topping on a chocolate cupcake.  

All the M&M’S Valentine’s Day candies are available now. Check with stores and online for available candy options.