Montréal en Lumière dazzles with a celebration of food and culture

Montréal en Lumière
Montréal en Lumière / Montréal en Lumière

Whether snow gently falls from the sky or the brisk temperatures fill the night, the 25th Montréal en Lumière festival warms the hearts and the stomachs with a celebration of food and culture. World renowned chefs and local favorites join forces to spark a conversation that satisfies long after the festival ends.  

Held from February 29 through March 10, 2024, the 25th anniversary event is an extravaganza that transforms a winter wonderland into a fantastical world full of flavor, creativity, and exploration. While gastronomy is a focus, food is the vehicle for guests to open themselves to all the possibilities.  

The annual festival encourages both locals and visitors to explore all the city has to offer. From the view from the Lot-Quebec Ferris Wheel to gliding along the CeraVe skating trail, there are activities from daylight through the wee hours of the night. Always a festival highlight, the Nuit Blanche All-Nighter ignites the darkness with a fantastical world that delights all the senses.  

With all those activities, it is the food that ensures everyone has the energy to experience it all. From a fortifying brunch after an all-nighter to luxurious dining from some of the world’s most celebrated Michelin chefs, the gastronomic experience is unlike another food festivals around the world.  

Culinary has been a feature throughout the 25 years. Culinary legends showcase local ingredients that set the city apart. From locally raised artic char to seasonal produce, the dishes showcase a delicate balance between elevated technique and impeccable ingredients.  

While many people will be looking to book a table at the various specialty dining options, the Gourmet Quarter is the place to sample and learn during the festival. From celebrating indigenous culture to appreciating the artisanal craftsmanship of local producers, this space is where guests can choose their own adventure. Through the festival run, guests can sip and savor what makes Montreal one of the world’s greatest food cities.  

The list of dining options, activities, and events for Montréal en Lumière is extensive. For locals, it is the perfect time to see beyond the winter chill and enjoy the moment.  

With guests coming in from out of town, it is an opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant Montreal scene. It might require a heavy coat, but the winter wonderland delights all the senses. More importantly, it is a flavorful experience that lingers in the mind and has them booking another trip.  

More information on booking dining experiences, public events, and more can be found on the Montréal en Lumière website. 25th anniversary celebration runs from February 29 through March 10, 2024.