Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon captivates from its opening credits

Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon Whiskey
Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon Whiskey / Cristine Struble

While some movies might win many accolades, other films excite viewers with an unlikely story. When that shriek can turn into laughter, the roller coaster of emotions can make that B Movie more enjoyable than a 3-hour award winning diatribe. With Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon, Filmland Spirits may take inspiration from the screen but the crafted spirit is a real experience to behold.

The bourbon whiskey category can be crowded. From brands that go back centuries to new offerings that focus on infused flavors, there seems to be an offering to appeal to every drinker. While some spirit snobs will carefully parse aroma, colors, and palates, the reality is that a bourbon whiskey needs to make a connection with a drinker. From the first glance at the bottle to the final dropped poured, a person needs to be excited to open and drink that offering.

Sometimes a unique characteristics can spark a little intrigue. Like a great movie plot, people want to see the story unfold, know the secret, and be swept away in the moment. Some experiences can be intense and others can be lighthearted. Through it all, the connection beyond quenching a thirst is imperative.

With Moonlight Mayhem Bourbon, the bottle is the first thing that people notice. Instead of rugged imagery and muted colors, the B Movie inspired moment is vibrant, eye catching. It invites people to pick up the bottle and examine it. The intricacies are many, but that concept sets the tone for the flavor experience to come.

Even though there are many jokes about how people pick wine bottles based solely on the label, this bourbon whiskey is far from any laughing matter. The multi-award winning spirit is rooted in craft. Just because there is a little whimsy in the packaging does not mean the liquor is not serious in its deliciousness.

The Moonlight Mayhem Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey has a sweetness that makes it equally enjoyable neat or combined into a cocktail. At first blush, there is a juicy cherry note that and a zesty citrus that hits with the aroma. It is like the slow rumbling of the interlude that prepares the audience for the scene. Anticipation grows.

That first sip reveals a comforting, silky vanilla with a touch of caramel. Never too sweet, the taste is familiar yet complex. It wants to reveal more but it is holding back for the climactic moment.

At the end, a little oaky finish rounds out the experience. It is like the final scene of the movie where all the loose ends are tied up in a perfect bow.

While this bourbon whiskey is quite enjoyable on its own, it is equally delicious served with a splash of ginger beer to bring a spice note to the conversation. In addition, a dash or two of walnut bitters can add depth to the sweetness. Or, a classic bourbon cocktail is equally enjoyable.

From the bourbon drinker looking to add another option to their collection or the movie buff who is looking to expand their liquor cabinet, Moonlight Mayhem is a great choice. The label might reference a B Movie genre, but the golden liquor in the bottle is A+.