Morning Glow Mocktail is the ultimate rise and shine refreshment

Morning Glow Mocktail with tart cherry juice
Morning Glow Mocktail with tart cherry juice / Cristine Struble

Starting the day with a boost of refreshment can lift the body, mind, and spirit. The Morning Glow Mocktail, made with tart cherry juice, could be that sipper which leads to a fulfilling day and a blissful night’s sleep.

When viral recipes take over the conversation, everyone feels compelled to try them. The creators might have just stumbled onto an idea that resonated or the idea could be based on some nutritional fact. Hopefully, the latter concept is the real reason why people are drawn to that talked about food recipe.

The Sleepy Girl Mocktail took off with many people touting that it brought restful slumber. As people discovered this beverage, the combination of tart cherry juice, magnesium, and sparkling water might not have guaranteed sweet dreams, but people could not help but try the new nighttime ritual.

In reality, cherry juice has been shown to have healthy eating benefits. Studies have shown that the melatonin in the cherry juice helped athletes to achieve more restful sleep. Other studies showed benefits including muscle recovery, anti-inflammatory assistance, and lower blood pressure.

While these findings have people thirsty to pour a glass of the tart cherry juice, creative recipes are vital to keeping the beverage from becoming bland.  Appreciating flavors that highlight the cherry without overpowering it is vital to keeping the glass full.

Recently, Montmorency U.S. Tart Cherries created a wake-me up mocktail to contrast that sleepy time recipe. The Morning Glow Mocktail is the zippy, bright, refreshing beverage that is perfect to start the day, a post-workout recovery, or just a moment to sip and contemplate the day.

Morning Glow Mocktail
Morning Glow Mocktail with tart cherry juice / Cristine Struble

Here’s how to make the Morning Glow Mocktail


8 oz tart cherry juice

4 oz coconut water

1-2 frozen ginger cubes

Squeeze of lime juice


Combine chilled tart cherry juice, coconut water, and lime juice in a glass

Add frozen ginger cubes (cubes can be made by freezing store-bough minced ginger paste or ground fresh ginger in ice cube trays).

The ginger brings an underlying spice to the tart, sweet cherries. Overall, the mocktail is quite balanced. The squeeze of lime is vital to bringing together all the flavor.

By using the coconut water, the mouth feel is more luscious. If coconut water is not a favorite, a sparkling water could be substituted, but it changes the mocktail completely. It feels much lighter. But, it is vital to add some type of water to slightly dilute the other ingredients.

In some ways, this beverage could be the swap to step away from the energy drinks, caffeine, and other traditional morning beverages. Getting the sleep-wake cycle in rhythm could be the key element to the best night’s sleep.