Mott’s Active gives families another balanced beverage option

Mott's Active Blastin Berry
Mott's Active Blastin Berry / Mott's

In many households, a bottle of Mott’s juice is part of the refrigerator’s easy grab and go section. Whether enjoyed as a morning beverage or a favorite option to sip with dinner, the reality is that young and old appreciate that classic flavor. With the new Mott’s Active, families have another beverage choice with a boost of hydration.

When families choose products, they often turn to products that they trust. A brand, like Mott’s, has been that tried and true offering that people turn to time and again. Given that food and beverage connection, people are more willing to test the waters when it comes to new offerings.

With the Mott’s Active, the beverage is a fruit forward foray into the electrolyte beverage conversation. Even though younger audiences might not necessarily need as many electrolytes as a weekend warrior who has powered through that boot camp workout, there are times when a hydration boost is warranted.

Available in two flavors, Watermelon Burst and Blastin’ Berry, Mott’s Active contains naturally sourced electrolytes. The beverage combines apple juice and coconut water with the additional flavors. But, the beverage has no sugar added nor does it have any artificial flavors or sweeteners. The idea is to give drinkers a juice beverage with added hydration.

Given the coconut water, the juice may have a different mouth feel for some people. Coconut water tends to have a more viscous quality. Others may not even notice a difference given that they are familiar with the ingredient.

Looking at the two flavors, Watermelon Burst and Blastin’ Berry, they have wide audience appeal. Berry captures the jammy, sweet flavor that both young and old like. It might not be as popular as fruit punch, but it is a choice that many people will appreciate.

The Watermelon Burst captures a summertime vibe. In addition, the flavor is bright and juicy. It might not exactly the same as biting into a slice during a backyard barbecue, but it brings that fun, spirited concept to any occasion.

The Mott’s Active joins the various other beverages within its robust beverage line. From classic apple juice offerings to options that help support a healthy immune system, the Mott’s brand wants to ensure that it has a beverage for any and every occasion.

Check with retailers for availability and pricing for the Mott’s Active. More information can be found on the company’s website.