Mt. Joy and Coors Light hit a high note with Chill Amplified, interview

Love & Lightstream Drive-In Series Featuring Mt. Joy In Concert - Cedar Park, TX
Love & Lightstream Drive-In Series Featuring Mt. Joy In Concert - Cedar Park, TX / Rick Kern/GettyImages

For many people, an ice-cold Coors Light enjoyed at their favorite band’s concert is the perfect summer harmony. As part of the summer’s Chill Amplified campaign, Mt. Joy shares how they will be raising a can to the summer, music, and their fans.

Over the years, Coors Light has had many creative campaign ideas. While LL Cool J might have arrived on that Silver Bullet Train, that commercial was only one example of a music and beer collaboration.

For the summer, the Chill Amplified campaign brings together several musical artists and Coors Light to celebrate where music and refreshment come together. As Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands said, that place where Coors Light and music come together is where “chill gets amplified.”

Coors Light Chill Amplified summer music campaign
Coors Light Chill Amplified summer music campaign / Coors Light

One of the musical artists collaborating with Coors Light on this campaign is Mt. Joy. The indie rock band has amassed a large following across the world. As many of the band’s lyrics suggest, achieving a huge dream can sometimes come with uncertainty. But, that journey is one that they have never regretted taking.

During a recent email conversation with Cristine Struble from FoodSided, Mt. Joy lead singer, Matt Quinn shared his thoughts on being part of Coors Light’s Chill Amplified campaign.

Cristine Struble: This Coors campaign is all about “amplifying your chill.” What gets you in a chill mood or how do you amplify your chill?

Mt. Joy/Matt Quinn: Since the beginning of our careers, when we were sleeping on floors we've always looked forward to drinking cold beer together, sometimes just as much as playing our shows. So, we jumped at the opportunity to partner with Coors Light -  the most refreshing beer out there. Their new Chill Amplified program is all about finding ways to connect fans with their favorite artists via winning tickets, offering VIP fan experiences and our upcoming Backstage Six-Pack. 

CS: Summer, a refreshing beverage and music often go hand in hand, what are some favorite moments that you have with summer and music?

Mt Joy: Being out on the road together most of the summer, we get to travel the world and of course play our own shows like our upcoming concert at Red Rocks, but also on off days and at festivals we get to see some of our favorite bands all over the world. I have so many great memories dancing in the crowd to our favorite bands, and being on stage at places like Red Rocks with a beer as cold as the Rockies in hand, enjoying the fruits of our labor together. 

CS: What’s your favorite part about touring and do you have some ways to make it become less grueling?

Mt. Joy: Our favorite part about being on the road is getting to visit some truly amazing places, meeting fans and feeling a part of this amazing community we’re building, that really keeps us going. But it’s true, touring can be grueling, so we try to make sure we set aside some time to hang out and see the sights, have a great meal and take advantage of getting to see the world. 

CS: Do you have any favorite snacks and/or beverages that are always backstage?

Mt. Joy: Besides a case of Coors Light for the band to crack open after a show, we always keep backstage stocked with a good mix of fruits and veggies, trail mix, popcorn. All pretty healthy options to keep us feeling good while traveling. Though we do try to order local delicacies if we’re in a place that has a trademark food!

CS: What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects that you can announce?

Mt Joy: We’re on the road throughout the summer starting with a European and UK tour in June so we’re excited to continue to see new places and meet new fans across the world. We’ll be back to America throughout the summer as well and look forward to kicking it in Red Rocks, one of our favorite venues. 

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