MyMuse launches new caffeine-free beverage in partnership with Dixie D’Amelio

MyMuse Passion beverage with Dixie D'Amelio
MyMuse Passion beverage with Dixie D'Amelio / MyMuse

When someone talks about their passions, the fire, drive, and determination that fuels those dreams often makes them thirsty for more. With the new MyMuse Passion flavor in conjunction with Dixie D’Amelio, the flavor will inspire others to dive into their creative side.

Since its inception, MyMuse has wanted to be more than just another beverage on the shelf.  The idea behind the concept was to support people’s balanced lifestyle choices and to encourage them to pursue their passions on any scale. Even though sipping a beverage might not instantly guarantee a spotlight moment, it can be the spark to dream bigger, set a goal, and break out of a rut.

With summer days ahead, many people are looking to step into bright, positive new beginnings that a change of season offers. The choice might be a small step or a huge leap. No matter the distance covered, the new MyMuse caffeine-free beverages can be that boost to keep chugging along.

As part of the new beverage launch, MyMuse continued its partnership with the D’Amelio family. Created by Dixie D’Amelio, Passion is her special flavor. The bubbly, passion fruit flavored drink is slightly sweet but quite refreshing.

While D’Amelio is excited for everyone to try this new offering, it fills a void on the beverage shelf. Even though passion fruit might not be an exotic flavor anymore, it often plays a supporting role in a beverage combination. By putting that taste front and center, it shows people that being unique should be celebrated.

Overall, the flavor is light, refreshing, and quite approachable. From the person who primarily gravitates to sparkling waters to the person who prefers sugary sodas, all the categories will appreciate the taste.

In addition to enjoying a sip straight from a chilled can, the beverage is more enjoyable when a few little extras are added to the glass. For example, consider adding some fresh mint as a garnish to boost the brightness. That aroma makes the drinking experience event more lively.

MyMuse Passion beverage
MyMuse Passion beverage / MyMuse

Also, for drinkers who like to add some fresh fruit as a garnish, consider freezing some strawberry or lime pieces in ice for a pretty look as well as a punch of fruity flavor.

The Passion flavor is joined by two more new caffeine-free beverages. Black Cherry and Orange U Glad. Also, the existing flavors, Strawberry Guava and Tropical Citrus, have been reformulated.

Given that better for you beverage options are starting to take over the shelf, MyMuse is looking to capture their segment of that market. With unique flavor options and the celebrity connection, many consumers are willing to make that first purchase. Luckily, the flavor will drive them to make a second, third, and more purchases down the road.

However people want to pursue their passions, MyMuse has a beverage to fuel that desire. Ready to pop open that can?

MyMuse beverages can be found at Target, Sprouts, GoPuff, and Amazon. The new flavors have 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.