New Wilton Easter offerings help bakers bloom with spring-inspired creativity

New Wilton Easter offerings
New Wilton Easter offerings / Wilton

While Easter baskets might hold a bounty of eggs, candy, and other tokens from the hunt, the Easter table can be set with a bounty of delicious treats. From simple desserts to elaborate creations, the colorful food entices even before the first bite. With the new Wilton Easter offerings, both novice and experienced bakers will be inspired to whip up some impressive treats.

Easter celebrations often involves a little extra indulgence. Whether some people have abstained from candy, cakes, or other confections or people just appreciate a great dessert with a holiday, every meal seems to end with a sweet surprise. From simple cupcakes to an elaborate shaped cake, the dessert table is a sight to behold.

Wilton has and continues to the leader in baking and decorating. From the pretty cupcake liner that makes the simple dessert a little more elevated to the delicate hand that turns a plain frosted cake into a blooming floral display, the company has every tool, trick, and tip to turn that imaginative vision into reality.

This year, the new Wilton Easter offerings inspire new and experienced bakers to let the flour, butter, and sugar whirl in the stand mixer. Speaking to this year’s offerings, John Hollfelder, Senior Manager, Brand & Product at Wilton, said, “As the Easter holiday approaches, Wilton understands the importance of creating memorable moments with loved ones. With our new and returning springtime offerings, customers can unleash their creativity and bring their Easter visions to life . From whimsical cookies to festive cupcakes and more, Wilton has everything needed to make this Easter season extra special for families.”

What are some of the new Wilton Easter offerings?

The new Wilton Easter offerings include some new Easter and Bunny inspired sprinkles, new mini baking cup, bunny baking cups and more. While the colors are the familiar pastel hues associated with springtime, the new items feel a little whimsical.

Since these offerings are meant to inspire baking fun, the new Easter and Bunny Sprinkles can be a fun way to set up a do-your-own dessert table for guests at an Easter gathering. With a plate of unfrosted or frosted cupcakes, guests can create their special dessert. Sometimes having a hand in that creation makes it taste even sweeter.

Also, the Easter Sprinkles can be used in more ways that just cake décor. A few carefully placed items on that whipped cream for that latte, milkshake, or even a cocktail can be quite fun. They can even be used on some pancakes or waffles. There is no shortage of uses for sprinkles.

In addition to the new Wilton Easter offerings, other returning favorites. From the always popular Bunny Ears cake toppers to chicks and carrot décor, there is something for everyone’s fancy.

For the family who wants to start a new holiday baking tradition, maybe the Easter bunny can add some items to the basket. The carrot whisk could be the catalyst to rediscover grandma’s carrot cake recipe and whip up that family favorite dessert.

Both the new Wilton Easter offerings and returning favorites can be found at various stores as well as online. For Easter baking and other sweet inspiration, the Wilton website is a great resource.