Next Level Chef Season 3 premiere put social media chefs to the test

On the Next Level Chef Season 3 premiere, the audition twist gave FOX viewers the opportunity to see how these social media chefs handle the pressure of this culinary competition. To plate these food trends, they needed to think quickly, execute, and handle the anxiousness in the moment.
Next Level Chef Season 3
Next Level Chef Season 3 / FOX

The Next Level Chef Season 3 premiere set a high bar for the series. After crowning two champions who handled the sparseness of the basement and excelled in the splendor of the top kitchen, a new group of social media chefs, home cooks, and professional chefs have thrown their apron into the mix. Based on the first round, the competition will be fierce.  

For Season 3, Next Level Chef changed the format slightly and a few chefs will see their hopes dashed before they even get started. Each of the categories will face an audition round.

As they battle through the basement, middle kitchen, and top floor, the chefs earn their spot. More importantly, the mentors, Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais will get some important insight on the chefs’ cooking skills and tenacity.  

During the Season 3 premiere, the social media chefs took center stage. With only 20 minutes to cook in each challenge, executing these food trend inspired dishes did not come with a second or third take for that carefully choreographed video share.  

While some people might religiously tune into these chefs socials for tips and tricks, seeing them compete is a different matter. The smoothie queen should not make a smoothie with canned meat. Burning a hand is not a moment where Gordon can come to the rescue with a fiery barb. This competition is fast, furious, and the outcome is final.  

The first challenge, located in the basement, focused on canned meat. While that food trend might be a nod to frugality, it cannot lack flavor. This idea is something that watchers should rewatch. Although home cooks may extend their cooking time beyond 20 minutes, a canned fish fritter could make canned tuna more enjoyable.  

Although only five social media chefs moved into the Next Level Chef competition, the tips picked up along the way were important for anyone watching. Overcooking canned shrimp will result in a rubbery, unpleasant texture. Dishes can be better with a sauce. Undercooked pasta is never a good idea.  

Even though viral dishes get millions of views, the reality is that people have to be able to execute. More importantly the need to want to eat that food. What might look good on screen may not be a Next Level Chef worthy concept.  

With the social media chefs group set, the upcoming episode of Next Level Chef Season 3 will feature the home cooks. The pressure will be on for these culinary competitors. Grandma and the kids might be tough critics, but they may not hold a candle to Gordon Ramsay.  

The clock does not have a pause button either. These home cooks better be prepared for the chaos of the platform and the urgency to get that food on the plate.  

Be sure to watch Next Level Chef Season 3 on FOX, Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET. All episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.