Next Level Chef Season 3: Professional chefs stake their claim

The final round of preliminary competition heated up Next Level Chef Season 3. As the professional chefs battled the basement, even in the dark, this group of five chefs will be hard to beat.
Next Level Chef Season 3: Pros round
Next Level Chef Season 3: Pros round / FOX

While professional chefs have done well in this FOX culinary competition, Next Level Chef Season 3 seemed to set the stage for another group that could stake their claim on the title. Now that the three preliminary rounds have been completed, it will be interesting to see where each chef gets drafted.  

With the new twist to Next Level Chef Season 3, the first three episodes that allowed each category to battle against each other for a spot on a mentor’s team. It has been exciting to watch.

Before the pesky platform dashes hopes and dreams, these rounds have allowed viewers to not only see how the chefs cook but to connect with them. From personal stories to appreciating their personalities, these first episodes could spark a campaign for a fan favorite.  

In the professional chefs’ round, everyone expected the group to perform well. Even with the miniscule time frame, it was assumed that these chefs would be able to get a good, if not excellent, dish to the judges.  

Starting in the basement might be a step down for the professional chefs, but it was not anything too difficult for them to handle. Warped pans and even plunging into the darkness would not stop them.  

The most interesting dish from the basement round was the hot dog meatball. Even though Richard Blais might have cooked a hot dog in a MRE bag during Top Chef, transforming a hot dog into a meatball has not been tried before. Although it sounds like some type of food absurdity, it really worked. Maybe the hot dog meatball could be the next trending franken food.  

Jennie’s improperly cooked chicken livers were an obvious choice for elimination. It was clear that she was not confident with the protein or the dish. Sometimes the mental mindset can be the difference between moving on and going home.  

For the middle kitchen, the chefs started to push themselves more. No one would have expected ginormous meatballs in that short timespan, but Chris’ dish impressed the judges. Overall, there were more “wows” than woes.  

Unfortunately, Summer made a huge mistake with her clams dish. By leaving the clam juice in the pan, she received a Gordon Ramsay scolding. She will probably never make that mistake again.  

With the top level kitchen remaining, the professional chefs had to create a Michelin star worthy dish. Although that elevated, carefully plated concept might be swinging for the fences in such a finite amount of time, the majority of dishes hit the mark.  

From an earthy beef with a blue cheese foam to a perfectly crispy fish with a stunning sauce, these dishes would be a star of any menu. The social media and home cooks should be worried about going head to head with this group.  

Unfortunately, it was a big mistake that sent Charity packing. Overcooked prawns will not pass muster with the mentors. She just missed the draft.  

Will the professional chefs be the first chefs picked in the upcoming team draft? Be sure to watch the upcoming episode of Next Level Chef on FOX, Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT. All episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.