Flavorful ways to use the new Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk

Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk
Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk / Oatly

As more people look to incorporate plant-based beverages into their balanced, healthy eating lifestyle choices, oatmilk has soared in popularity. With the new Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk, the carton pours more than just refreshment in the glass.  

Over the years, many people have come to appreciate Oatly and its oatmilk beverages. From the barista edition to even a chocolate variety, each carton was less about what was different and more about why that beverage is enjoyable.  

To kick off 2024, Oatly launched two new beverages that look to fill a gap on the shelf. The options are Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk and Unsweetened Oatmilk. From the person who wants beverage simplicity to others who want options that fit into their preferred food choices, the two new options round out the Oatly line.  

While many people will happily add these beverages to their latte, smoothie or even the cereal bowl, the Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk shakes up a wide array of recipe possibilities. Since the oatmilk does not have any extras, it is a blank slate that can work in a sweet dish or a savory plate.  

After experimenting with the Oatly Super Basic Oatmilk, a great starting point is a simple overnight oat. The creaminess of the oatmilk helps to make for a heartier texture. In addition, it adds a rounder flavor than other beverages. Whether paired with a dried fruit or a handful of nuts, equally are quite enjoyable.  

With some cooking confidence in hand, using the Oatly offering in desserts is quite tasty. Since the beverage as a touch of sea salt and citrus fiber, it works well to balance sweet ingredients. For example, using the oatmilk in a custard for a bread pudding adds a richness similar to a heavy cream. More importantly, it adds a depth of flavor which is quite enjoyable.  

For a savory application, try simple cream based sauce swaps. It is best in lighter sauces. Consider starting with pasta sauces and expand from there. Even using it in a pot pie can be quite tasty.  

With the new Oatly beverages, the swap is not about compromise anymore. It is a flavorful, versatile option that has everyone excited about all the food and beverage possibilities.