Old Forester unwraps the ultimate bourbon gift for Father’s Day

Old Forester President's Choice
Old Forester President's Choice / Old Forester

For the father who loves the Old Forester tradition, a special bourbon, a limited release just in time for Father’s Day, would be the ultimate gift. The President’s Choice has the man in your world raising a glass to being the commander in chief of the house.

Old Forester always balances tradition with forward thinking. The classic Brown Forman liquor might be the spirit of the iconic Mint Julep, but the caramel colored liquor is enjoyed beyond just a single day in May.

From the classic distillations to the specialty offerings, the team looks to stay true to the spirit of the original concept yet weaves a thread of ingenuity. Under the guidance of Master Taster Melissa Rift, the brand has found a way to keep traditionalists happy yet acquire new drinkers who appreciate that hint of underlying sweetness.

Just ahead of the Father’s Day holiday, Old Forester released President’s Choice. The extremely rare offering is a highly coveted bottle. As Rift mentioned, this release is Old Forested “most sought-after product.” While it is rare that the general public receives an opportunity to buy a bottle, this year is different.

For those unfamiliar with President’s Choice, it can be traced back to the first private, single barrels offered by then Brown-Forman President George Garvin Brown II. The tradition continues and this year’s surplus is offered to consumers.

Given the scarcity of bottles, this offering will quickly become a highly coveted purchase. While the $225 is pricey, the resale of these bottle will become quite steep. As seen with many specialty releases, the rarity makes it valuable.

Overall, the President’s Choice is special because of the barrels used in the offering. Although Brown Forman would never disclose the secrets behind the quality and characteristics associated with these special barrels, the aroma, color, and flavor denote the uniqueness. Given that the liquor is aged for 7-12 years, a quality barrel is vital to allowing the spirit to develop the nuanced offering.

For the lucky few who score a bottle, they will be on cloud nine. But, like all amazing bourbons, do not let the bottle collect dust on a shelf. An impeccable spirit is meant to be sipped with friends to celebrate good times. There is always an excuse to open a bottle of bourbon.

The 2024 President’s Choice Old Forest is on sale now. It is available online.