Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924 celebrates the company’s unique history

Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924, fifth in the series
Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924, fifth in the series / Old Forester

Whether that bottle of Old Forester is the every day bourbon poured, or it is a special occasion bottle, the historic, celebrated brand appreciates that its past flavors its future. With the fifth installment in this series, the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924 is a pour different from any other liquor on the shelf.  

Bourbon is a spirit unlike other brown liquors. While it has been described as America’s spirit, the rules and regulations steeped into that amber colored sip do more than make it a specific category. It is reminder that understanding the past allows people to innovate the future.  

While the bourbon shelf is now overflowing with bottles and brands, Old Forester is unique. As the “only bourbon brand produced before, during, and after Prohibition,” that distinction is more than just food and beverage trivia knowledge. The tradition, craftsmanship, and respect that the company’s distillers put into every offering is clear. They stand on the men and women who built a lasting legacy, and they strive to live up to those standards and push the conversation forward.  

What makes Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924 unique?  

The fifth installment in the Whiskey Row Series, the 1924 uses a unique mash bill. Changing the percentages of the corn, rye, and malted barley, the resulting spirit has a more nuanced taste that Old Forester drinkers will appreciate.  

The concept of celebrating the different mashes harkens back to Prohibition. As one of six distillers allowed to sell whiskey as medicine, the brand acquired other producers’ mashes. Combining those various distillers' offerings together is part of the Old Forester legacy.  

Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924
Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924 release / Old Forester

The story behind the 1924 sets the tone before the bottle is opened. As Master Taster Melissa Rift said, “We are honored to commemorate this historical milestone with a new featured mash bill and a beautiful 10-year age statement. It allows whisky lovers to taste just how dynamic our brand can be while staying rooted in our rich history.” 

That dynamic description is clear even before the first sip. Pouring the dark, golden liquid into the glass sets the anticipation for a touch of comforting, sweet, inviting flavors. Even though the color might look light toasted graham cracker, the aroma has notes of nutty marzipan and rich cocoa. Even with a hint of earthy tobacco, it is that familiar, almost a comforting moment that is reminiscent of sitting down at grandpa’s knee as he sipped his glass and told stories from his youth.  

While the aroma entices, it is the flavor that impresses. The sweet, yet a touch of bitter from the chocolate makes it feel indulgent. A slight cracker, buttery note brings balance. Finishing with warm cinnamon and tingling spice makes it feel satisfying.  

The Old Forester Whiskey Row Series 1924 is available from the distillery or at select retailers. The 10-year old bourbon retails for $115 and has a 50% ABV, 100 proof. The fifth offering in the Whiskey Row Series, the previously released bottles are 1870 Original Batch, 1897 Bottled in Bond, 1910 Old Fine Whisky and 1920 Prohibition Style.