Olive oil cakes satisfy the heart and stomach one slice at a time

A slice of olive oil cake
A slice of olive oil cake / Rick Cruz/PDN

While one New York Times recipe might have sparked a curiosity about the Italian staple, olive oil cakes are far from being a fad. The traditional moist, slightly dense cake is celebrated for its simplicity. When a superior olive oil is used, the flavor is sublime.

Ingredient swaps are common baking hack. From the person who wants a vegan substitute or the baker who looks to cut back on excess calories, there are many reasons for the flour, butter and sugar foundational ingredients to change.

With olive oil cake, it is less about a substitute and more about the flavor. A favorite Italian dessert, many people appreciate the cake for its simplicity. From a touch of fruitiness to a sense of rustic charm, the cake is one that can pair with almost any meal. And, if the entire round is not eaten, this particular cake tastes even better the next day.

Since olive oil adds not only a rich texture to the cake's crumb but also to its flavor, many bakers are selective about their preferred ingredient. Shayna’s Kitchen, the lifestyle brand from Shayna Terese Taylor, recently added an EU Certified Organic Ancient Olive Oil to its offerings.

The Shayna's Kitchen EU Certified Organic Ancient Olive Oil is a harvested from over 200 year old trees and other crops on the Umbria farm. Celebrating the craft and history of the region, this offering celebrates how an exceptionally flavorful ingredient requires attention to every detail.

Even though flavor is a purchase driver, the health benefits from Shayna’s Kitchen offering are well known. With a polyphenol count of 350 mg/kg, some people are drawn to the offering for its health benefits. Although a slice of olive oil cake might not be an every day occurrence, finding a way to enjoy this ingredient in a multitude of dishes is a recipe for success.

Recently, Shayna showcased her Italian Style Olive Oil Cake. The sugar and gluten free recipe celebrates how good oils can many any recipe even better. The dessert has a pronounced zesty quality from the citrus. From the orange juice in the mix to the lemons and oranges decorating the cake, it is a burst of sunshine.

Whether this cake is served at a spring celebration, for Sunday supper, or just an anytime treat, the indulgence does not feel guilty. With quality ingredients, a little dessert is always worth enjoying. In some ways, it is the dessert that fills the heart and stomach one slice at a time.