Ore-Ida has the stylish solution to avoid a Napoleon Dynamite tot-tastrophe

Ore-Ida launches Napoleon Dynamite tot-tastic fashion choice
Ore-Ida launches Napoleon Dynamite tot-tastic fashion choice / Ore-Ida

Ore-Ida understands how incredibly craveable its hot, crunchy tots can be. In an effort to reimagine cinematic history, Ore-Ida Tot-Protecting Pants would have given Napoleon Dynamite the ultimate solution to avoid a tot-tastrophe.

Food and culture go hand in hand. Whether it is an iconic jingle that has people thirsty for particular beverage or a movie character that is and will always be associated with a favorite dish, food has a way to making stories even more flavorful.

20 years ago, Napoleon Dynamite danced his way into people’s hearts. While a spirited presidential campaign might have had a few snags, the quirky, yet lovable character will always be remembered.

For those people who recall the movie, one iconic line should come to mind, “GIMME SOME OF YOUR TOTS.” With those simple words, Napoleon’s favorite tots were smashed into a potato hash. Not only was the food ruined, but his pants were never the same.

Ore-Ida has a solution for anyone who wants to keep those tots hot, fresh, and intact, the Ore-Ida Tot-Protecting Pants. These stylish joggers have a “tot pocket.”

According to Jackie Britva, Senior Brand Manager for Ore-Ida at The Kraft Heinz Company“For over 70 years, Ore-Ida has prided itself on delivering crispy and fluffy potatoes every time. With June marking the film’s 20th anniversary, we knew it was the perfect time for Ore-Ida to solve Napoleon’s tot-tastrophe in a way only the inventor of Tater Tots could.”

Check out this special video which features a familiar face modeling the Ore-Ida Tot-Protecting Pants.  

While Napoleon might have his unique qualities, there is something about that character that people love. Jon Heder, actor and star of Napoleon Dynamite shared his thoughts on this collaboration. Speaking about the love of tots, Heder said “when my Tots get crushed, a little part of my soul gets crushed as well. And that’s why I’m excited and proud to be a part of Ore-Ida’s movement to stop tot-crushing in its tracks – hopefully these pants keep everyone’s favorite potato nuggets safe, warm and flippin’ crispy.”

The special Tot-Protecting Pants are available for purchase at www.ProtectYourTaterTots.com. They are available while supplies last.

Hot, fresh, and crispy tots are a favorite and should never be smashed. There is only one aspect that Ore-Ida forgot to include in this epic fashion choice. If you love to dip those tots, where’s the condiment pocket?