Pace Signature Sauces amplify the flavor on almost anything

Pace Signature Sauces flavors
Pace Signature Sauces flavors / Cristine Struble

Sometimes even a favorite dish needs a little flavor boost. A little drizzle, dabble, or dollop of sauce can transform that favorite food into a whole new eating experience. With the Pace Signature Sauces, breakfast, lunch and dinner take on new, exciting tastes with just a squeeze.

Sauces fill the pantry shelf. While there are condiments galore, the reality is that people tend to grab one bottle over another. That versatile flavor that brightens a simple sandwich can be a game changer on a burrito bowl.

Pace Signature Sauces have become one of those “bottles” in our household. While the cute sayings on the back of the bottle reference the “possibilities” and “on everything,” the flavor versatility is not a “punny” matter. The sauces really do work with many different food combinations.

Pace Signature Sauces
Pace Signature Sauces flavors / Cristine Struble

Available in three flavors, Cilantro Jalapeno Lime, Classic Taco Sauce, and Hot Honey Chipotle, the flavor profiles are apparent by the names. Given that the line has mild, medium, and hot varieties, it ensures that the spice levels appeal to a wide range of eaters. No one will have to run for the milk to get a reprieve from the intensity of an extreme sauce.

The Classic Taco Sauce is more than just a condiment for those crunchy beef tacos. It is a great addition to some scrambled eggs or even an omelet. Also, instead of a little salt and pepper on that avocado toast, this sauce is a delicious choice.

The Cilantro Jalapeno Lime flavor might be the most versatile. The medium flavor works with all types of proteins. From a simple chicken to a sweet shrimp, it can be fun to experiment with the sauce. Truthfully, it works well as a drizzle on some greens, too. The spice is subtle, and the citrus keeps the flavor light.

For the person who is tired of barbecue sauce on pulled pork, the Cilantro Jalapeno Lime is a great option. A little drizzle on the pork, with a vinegar slaw, and served on a brioche bun makes for a delightful meal.

Lastly the Hot Honey Chipotle is definitely the boldest flavor in the line. The swicy offering is definitely on trend. While the Pace sauce might be targeted to taco or burritos, this flavor is a must for fried chicken. That smoky chipotle note helps to balance the fried flavor. It is a new version of the honey drizzle.

For another option, consider serving the Hot Honey Chipotle on a pizza. Whether it is a hearty meat option or a veggie packed slice, there flavor works in almost any scenario. Even with that controversial pineapple and ham option, this sauce could save the slice.

The Pace Signature Sauces are available in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.