Paleta-rita brings a chill vibe to summer sipping

Paleta-rita for summer
Paleta-rita for summer / Hornitos

While the margarita might be the school’s out for summer cocktail, it is time to shake up that classic sour cocktail with something a little more chill. The Paleta-rita, from Hornitos and La Michoacana, adds a little whimsy to get everyone into that marg mode.

Although a traditional margarita is served on the rocks, many people prefer the frozen variety. Whether it is the whirl from the blender or the constant churn from that machine, there is something fun about the frozen option. Even though sipping too quicky can cause a dreaded brain freeze, it is refreshing on a hot summer day.

While the bar might blend those frozen libations at the push of a button, the at-home bar might be a little more limited. No one wants to clean the blender jar time and again. Plus, getting the consistency correct is never as simple as it seems. Why not borrow a food trend that has had people capturing a bite of the childhood, enter the Paleta-rita.

One bar trend that captivated people’s attention was a popsicle floating in the center of the cocktail. Whether the frozen treat kept the beverage cold or it was an added food garnish for a little fun, the idea gets more play during the summer months. Similar to the excitement of hearing the jingle of the the ice cream truck, many people are thirsty to grab that fun, frozen libation.

Recently, Hornitos and La Michoacana collaborated on an idea for summer, the Paleta-rita. Basically, the cocktail is simple. It is a Hornitos margarita served with a Mini La Michoacana Palenta.

paleta-rita hornitos la michoacana margarita
Paleta-rita for summer / Hornitos

Here’s the Paleta-rita recipe:


2 parts Hornitos Reposado Tequila

1 part Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 part Agave Syrup

1 Mini La Michoacana Paleta (Mango with Chamoy, Lime Paleta, Strawberry, etc.)


Combine the liquid ingredients and pour into a glass. Top with a Mini La Michoacana Paleta. Enjoy!

While the base Hornitos margarita is always tasty, changing the La Michoacana Paleta alters the whole drinking experience. From a classic mango to a sweet pineapple, the options are many.

Also, La Michoacana recently partnered with Jarritos for the first every paleta offering. While many people love that refreshing Jarritos with their tacos and other food pairings, this collaboration is perfectly refreshing for summer.

As Hyder Raheem, Chief Commercial Officer at Tropicale Foods said, “Our partnership with Jarritos offers our customers something truly authentic and craveable. The flavors of their sodas are one of a kind, and our team worked diligently to ensure we captured the essence of each - the tangy tart of the tamarind, the lush sweetness of the pineapple, the citrus of the mandarin. So that the paletas deliver both the authentic Jarritos flavor, with the delicious frozen experience of La Michoacana. A true taste of Mexico.”

The special collaborative offerings are available in Tamarindo, Mandarina, and Pina. While the Mandarina might be the vibrant, citrus forward option that would work well with a margarita, it is the Tamarindo flavor that captures the Mexican food culture. It might not necessarily be what abuela made, but it is a refreshing taste of nostalgia.

To find where to buy the special La Michoacana Jarritos offering, please visit

Summer days might be sweltering, but a little Paleta-rita can bring the chill one sip at a time.