Papa Johns epic deliveries show how food brings families together

Papa Johns epic deliveries
Papa Johns epic deliveries / Papa Johns

During the holiday season, many families gather around the table. Whether the food is a traditional family recipe or a favorite takeout meal, it is the time together that makes it memorable. Papa Johns epic deliveries captured the good vibes of bringing families together.  

According to recent surveys, 1 in 3 Gen Z and Millennials were unable to travel home due to cost constraints. As many people appreciate, expenses are high and budgets are tight. Even though family traditions make holidays more festive, no one can argue when the bank account cannot justify that travel expense.  

To help some families get together, the popular pizza brand offered some special food deliveries. As seen in the social media shares, the brand was able to bring some smiles and slices to a couple of families.  

While the sentiment can tug at people’s heartstrings, it was a nice way to highlight the launch of the brand’s new Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza. As many people have tasted, that flavorful slice brings cheers around the table. The flavor is big, bold and satisfying.  

Although the holiday season has become a memory, the warm sentiment that this concept offers is not limited to just a few months. Why not send up some love for Valentine’s Day? Anyone can order a pizza and have it delivered to a loved one. The screen shared dinner might not be perfect, but it is a way to keep the connection going.  

More importantly, through this promotion, Papa Johns shows how important its customers are to their brand. Little gestures can create brand loyalty. These three families might be Papa Johns loyalists for life.  

For now, order a pizza for yourself, a friend, or even gift an order to a neighbor who might need some assistance. Sharing a meal is more than just sustenance to keep hunger at bay. It can be the nourishment that brings a slice of happiness for a long time.