Party bingo cards turn cocktail hour into an interactive experience

Q Mixers Bitter Cold Winter Holiday cocktail
Q Mixers Bitter Cold Winter Holiday cocktail / Q Mixers

From a favorite cocktail to a specialty mixed beverage, cocktail hour might start with a spirited libation, but it is the conversation that turns the minutes into hours. With party bingo cards, it is less about winning a game and more about having a total experience.  

Recently, Q Mixers shared downloadable party bingo cards for the holiday. Whether the game was played in secret or out in the open did not matter. It was about getting people to talk, interact, and maybe act a little silly. 

Sure, someone will spill a drink (hopefully not a red drink on a white couch), another person will undoubtedly bring up their thankless job, and one person will lament over the love life (or lack thereof). Of course, everyone will talk about the great food, but there are moments when the talking gets stale.  

Although no one should yell BINGO, it is a reminder that good conversation does not have to be stuck in a rut. Sure, the political conversation might be taboo, but why not share some random facts about Vermont and move the topic to maple syrup instead of voting issue.  

Ready to shake up cocktail hour with party bingo cards? 

While Q Mixers promoted the digital version for the holidays, the printable version works any time of year. Or, why not modify it a little depending on the crowd. If it is a group of work people, try to move the conversation away from the spreadsheets and TPS reports. For a group of sports parents, try to keep the talk away from competitions. Getting people to find connections beyond the surface is vital. It might not be a fish bowl filled with conversation starters, but it is a reminder to skip the small talk.  

Since the premise of cocktail hour is a great beverage, Q Mixers has a wide array of options in its catalogue. Simply pick a mixer or a liquor and peruse the options. From classic to more innovative options, there is a choice for any and every occasion.  

Given the Q Mixers versatility, consider setting up a self-service bar to allow guests to create their own signature drink. Whether it is a splash of the hibiscus ginger beer for a floral, spicy note with that vodka or a limoncello twist on the popular spritz, that creativity can spark some talk, too.  

With party bingo cards, this conversation starter is not your grandma’s bingo but it could have cocktail hour lasting longer into the evening.