Pepsi Zero Sugar has the AI solution for the ultimate winning bracket

Pepsi Zero Sugar March Madness event
Pepsi Zero Sugar March Madness event / Pepsi

Bracket madness is taking over the conversation and Pepsi Zero Sugar has the AI solution. This year it is time to take the guesswork out of the choice and bet on the more likely outcome. It could reap big rewards.

During March Madness, it seems like everyone watches basketball. It might be an excuse to skip out of work early or it could be a true love of the game. No matter the scenario, many people are excited to predict which team will be cutting down that net at the end of tournament.

Since the bracket showdown has become a competition, itself, the bet to get the most wins has become big business. Even though having clairvoyant power would make the whole experience easier, few people can correctly predict the future.

This year Pepsi is taking a new approach to filling out those brackets. It is asking AI for help, the real AI, Allen Iverson. Iverson said, “During my college career, I learned how unpredictable and tough the tournament can be. That's why I’m partnering with Pepsi Zero Sugar and DraftKings on this bracket challenge.”

Check out this Pepsi Zero Sugar clip.

To be clear, Pepsi is rewarding people for getting those picks wrong. No one has to beat a buffalo, be better than a bulldog, or otherwise have the perfect bracket. The idea is to actually get zero right. Whether or not the odds are in everyone’s favor for this particular concept remains to be seen.

While the bracket challenge is all fun and games, it is another way that Pepsi is playing into pop culture for its Zero Sugar brands. Over the past year, the beverage brand has shown that zero is a positive description. From crisp, refreshing flavors to appreciating that the lack of sugar does not impact drinking enjoyment, Pepsi fans have options that fit into their lifestyle choices.

As the popularity of Zero Sugar beverages grows, Pepsi continues to showcase them in creativity ways. From current sports events to celebrity endorsements, it widens the audience to not only crack open that can once, but to create bigger connection long after the buzzer sounds.

With the Zero Right Bracket, the idea is to be more inclusive. Even though there are jubilant moments when a favorite team wins, there are more reasons to commiserate when a team loses. This year, the loss might even have a silver lining.

More information on how to sign-up for the Pepsi DraftKings Zero Right Bracket Challenge can be found online. The brackets will be open from March 18 till March 21. A complete list of the rules and prizes are available online.  

Will the Gators even make the big dance? Throwing darts at a board might be just as beneficial as picking by team uniform colors. Nothing is a guarantee, except the refreshing taste of Pepsi Zero Sugar.