Perdue Farms leaps forward to help Feeding America with a substantial donation

Perdue donates to Feeding America on Leap Day
Perdue donates to Feeding America on Leap Day / Perdue

While Leap Day might happen every four years, food insecurity is an every day problem. With almost 44 million people facing food insecurity on a daily basis, the people impacted can be seen in every community. Perdue Farms just announced a sizable donation to Feeding America to help combat this far reaching social issue.

In a recent announcement, Perdue said it is committing 70 tractor trailer loads of its No Antibiotics Ever chicken to food banks across the U.S. The donation equates to 3.3 million pounds of chicken and about 2.75 million servings.

As Kevin McAdams, CEO of Perdue Farms said, “Perdue Farms remains unwavering in our mission to help nourish communities experiencing food insecurity. We understand there are great challenges these families face, especially with the addition of Leap Day. We are committed to alleviating hunger across the country and, as a 104-year-old food company, providing essential protein to those in need.”

The donations will occur in areas of high need as well as in communities where Perdue partners live. Hopefully, this donation will make an impact.

While Perdue is in a place to make a significant donation on Leap Day, many people can use the moment to make their own difference. Although the February 29 event might be fleeting, choosing to help through community outreach can be more frequent than every four years.

Given rising food costs, economic impacts, and other community factors, food banks and those people who use them have seen significant changes. As more and more people look for assistance with feeding their families, food banks struggle to keep the shelves stocked. Large donations from big corporations make an impact but so do the smaller actions within local communities. From helping to pack meals for people to opting to skip that pricey coffee and give the funds to the charity, any and every effort makes a difference.

Perdue chose to turn Leap Day into a way to push forward to better tomorrow for communities in need. Maybe more days can be used to highlight community connections.