Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets are a dinnertime game changer

Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets
Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets / Pilgrim's

Chicken nuggets are often a family favorite dinner. The new Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets transform two favorite dishes into a quick, easy and flavorful bite.

Sometimes chicken nuggets can get a side-eye from some people. A staple on the children’s menu, some options are better than others. Even with copious amounts of sauce, a bad one is a flavorless bite.

On the other hand, the simple chicken nugget has been getting a makeover. Quick service restaurants have sauced them, kicked up the spice, and otherwise brought big, bold flavor to the table. These options push bland and boring off the table.

With restaurants appreciating that the humble nuggets deserve more flavor, that concept is coming to the freezer aisle. Pilgrim’s embraces that flavor conversation with several new offerings.

According to the food brand, “Chicken nuggets represent over 40% of the frozen cooked chicken market, yet the grocery store aisle is lacking variety with 97% of all new nugget products just being changes in pack sizes.” While the freezer aisle might have fun shapes or a hint of spice, the reality is that there are few options that really stand out as a different flavor, innovative concept, or something other than just another plain nugget.

Speaking to the new Pilgrim’s offerings, Sergio Nahuz, President of Prepared Foods and CMO at Pilgrim's US said, “Today’s consumer does not want to eat boring chicken, but the lack of variety in the frozen chicken aisle has left them with dry, bland, and forgettable options. At Pilgrim’s, we’re combatting chicken monotony by reimagining what chicken nuggets can be. Our new brand is bold and imaginative with nuggets that put taste at the forefront, because we’re not chicken about chicken.”

What makes the new Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets a must try?

Pilgrim’s launched three new products, Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets, Pilgrim’s Ultimate Nuggets, and Pilgrim’s Mini Nuggets. The offerings showcase that the simple chicken nuggets can be more than just another nugget.

For example, the Pilgrim’s Loaded Nuggets transform a classic dish, a chicken pot pie, into a single bite. There is no need to perfect a crust or wait more than an hour for it to cook. That bite has all the flavor in a more convenient form.

The other flavor, cheesy jalapeno, is bold and craveable. With a nod to the classic pub appetizer, there is no need to overly sauce this nugget. All the flavor is tucked into that perfectly crisp crust.

In some ways, the Pilgrim’s chicken nuggets offerings lean into the snackable quality. For example, the Pilgrim’s Mini Nuggets are designed to be a poppable treat. Available in Zesty Ranch, Buttery, and Original, the options do not need a lot of extras. Whether it is a mid-day snack, small lunch, or maybe a continuation of the girl dinner conversation, people appreciate the smaller bites that are packed with flavor.

The new Pilgrim’s chicken nugget offerings are arriving in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.