Pizza Hut innovates a favorite slice into the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel

Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel from Pizza Hut and Yeastie Boys
Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel from Pizza Hut and Yeastie Boys / Pizza Hut

Whether it is a weekly food tradition or just placing an order when craving hits, Pizza Hut has been a favorite with a wide audience. In a slice of food mash-up creativity, the Big Yorker Pizza Bagel combines two iconic foods, pizza and bagels, for the perfect bite.

Recently, food mashups have become a favorite topic for quick service restaurants. The excitement that they bring often have people running to get that first bite. It is more than just seeing a classic food in a new light. It is having fun at the table.

Although nostalgic food has struck a cord with many people, others are looking for a lighthearted moment to let all the other noise fad away. As food costs continue to impact people’s choices, the reality is that placing that order needs to be more than just sustenance. The food should connect in a meaningful way and be remembered once the plate is cleared.

With the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel, Pizza Hut brings together two items in big way. Unlike an option that might be sitting in people’s freezers, this collaboration with Yeastie Boys brings the best of a traditional, artisan bagel with the classic Pizza Hut flavors that have stood the test of time.

According to Rachel Antalek, Chief Food Innovation Officer at Pizza Hut, “We're thrilled to partner with Yeastie Boys to introduce the Pizza Bagel, giving our Big New Yorker pizza an even bigger New York twist.  We are always looking for innovative ways to surprise our customers, and this collaboration perfectly embodies our commitment to bold flavors and culinary creativity. The Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel is a bold celebration of New York's culinary spirit, and we can't wait for pizza and bagel lovers a like to experience this new item.”

 Pizza Hut Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel
Limited time offer, Pizza Hut Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel / Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut describes the special Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel as having “layers of sweet marinara sauce, fresh Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, oregano, and topped with double pepperoni on a signature Yeastie Boys bagel.”  Served open faced, it is similar to a slice, but not quite as foldable. While some food brands might mention the “magic in the hole,” this offering is all about the combination of textures. From the crunchy exterior contrasted by the chewy center, it is pure eating satisfaction.

In addition, one composed bite hits all the flavors. From the sweetness in the sauce to the slight spice of the pepperoni to the creaminess of the cheese, it captures all the tastes people want from a great pizza. With the different texture from the bagel, it blends the familiar and new. It might not convince everyone to have pizza for breakfast, it is a stance that pizza can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

While many people would love to get a taste of this special offering, it has very limited availability. First, Yeastie Boys will be serving this pizza bagel at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles from March 15 through 17. The following weekend will feature the Yeastie Boys food trucks selling the food in both Los Angeles and New York City. More information on the times and locations can be found on the brand’s social media accounts.

Could the Big New Yorker Pizza Bagel come to all Pizza Hut locations around the U.S.? It depends on the response from this special event. If enough people are vocal about the food mash-up, the pizza bagel could become a menu reality.