Pizza Hut’s FamiLEE Community Pizza tosses a new flavor into the food conversation

Keith Lee for Pizza Hut
Keith Lee for Pizza Hut / Pizza Hut

While that hand toss crust and tasty toppings always make for a tasty slice, Pizza Hut’s FamiLEE Community Pizza is not an ordinary pie. A collaboration with Keith Lee, this special food offering serves a food conversation beyond the pizza box.

In the food world, flavor and taste is only part of the conversation. Since there is no smell-o-vision or taste-o-vision, the people who share the hows, whats, and whys influence people’s perspectives. One positive word, memorable picture, or hyped commentary can get people running to place that restaurant order.

Although Pizza Hut has been delighting guests for decades, the food brand appreciates that it needs to stay current. Even if people long to sit under that Tiffany Table Lamp, there needs to be something exciting that keeps that taste front and center on the craveability scale.

Keith Lee is one of those people who can make a classic slice seem like the must have pizza. While his perspective is creative, his followers appreciate that take. With the new FamiLEE Community Pizza, the flavor and the story come together to make this pizza an easy order.

Speaking about Lee, Lindsay Morgan, CMO at Pizza Hut said, "His TikTok reviews are authentic and he celebrates community and family. We felt his personal brand was a perfect fit for Pizza Hut, so together we created the FamiLEE Community Pizza so guests can try Keith's recipe and be a part of giving back to his community.”

The specialty pizza features Lee’s favorite toppings, pepperoni and bacon, on a hand tossed crust. Those flavors feel a touch indulgent, special, and definitely a little worthy of a special family meal. The specialty pizza, whether ordered the Lee way or their own way, will be $12.

While the pizza deal is good news, the Pizza Hut and Lee collaboration gives back to the community. The pair will donate $50,000 to Southfield ANT and OakHills High School. The donation will help support education and community service opportunities in those areas.

Although everyone can appreciate a delicious pizza at a great price, the reality is that this offering is more than just another food deal. When partnerships can give back to the community and hopefully spark a conversation around the table, the impact is felt for day, months, and years to come. Food is the common connector. It is uplifting to see the influence conversation evolve away from the “me” and into the “we.”

The Pizza Hut FamiLEE Community Pizza is available for a limited time. Check the restaurant's website for more information and availability.