Pizza Hut is ready to slice off those relationship ties with Goodbye Pies

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words, especially when it is time to end a relationship. Thanks to Pizza Hut, it is time to send some Goodbye Pies.
Pizza Hut Goodbye Pies for Valentine's Day
Pizza Hut Goodbye Pies for Valentine's Day / Pizza Hut

As the days countdown to February 14, the pressure mounts. The right gift, the wrong gesture, missing dinner reservations, or something else in its entirety can make that special someone feel like the worst possible choice on earth. But, saying those goodbyes is never easy. This year, let Pizza Hut Goodbye Pies serve that sentiment to an un-special someone.  

In February, Red Tuesday is not a rolling good time skipping out on a Mardi Gras celebration. Instead, it is the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day where the couple-dom becomes a couple-don't. People think it is better to consciously uncouple before the most romantic, pressure filled evening hits.  

Although some people might be shedding a tear in the beer or adding some salted moisture to that chocolate, the reality is there is a sweet and spicy way to make that ending moment a little more pleasant. Pizza Hut comes to the rescue with its Hot Honey Pizza.  

The Pizza Hut Goodbye Pies are a way to send that former connection a sweet and spicy message. As Lindsay Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut said, “The rising popularity of the sweet-heat flavor profile has led to Hot Honey becoming the most requested test item by our team members and we are thrilled to have it as the newest addition to our menu. With the launch of Goodbye Pies, we are bringing that perfect blend of sweet and heat experience to real life, delivering spicy news in the sweetest way for Valentine’s Day.” 

Anyone can visit for a chance to send that break-up note, difficult sentiment, or other statement of uncoupling. The offer is available through February 14 at select locations in New York City, Chicago, and Miami.  

For those not in those special locations, do not fret. Pizza Hut can send a breakup text and a gift card to that former special someone, too.  

While this idea is targeted at Valentine’s Day, it does not have to be just for romantic gestures. Tired of that toxic friend who brings the world down? What about your cousin who still owes you $200 from the last family holiday party? Maybe it is time to send a bold message to the neighbor whose dog keeps leaving unwanted presents in the yard. There are many scenarios where some Goodbye Pies could be in order.  

This Valentine’s Day, it is time to celebrate the sweet and the heat. Sometimes it takes walking away from the unperfect match to find that perfect slice of heaven.