Pop-Tarts celebrates Jerry Seinfeld’s UNFROSTED and decades of deliciousness

Pop-Tarts and Jerry Seinfeld's UNFROSTED promotion
Pop-Tarts and Jerry Seinfeld's UNFROSTED promotion / Pop-Tarts

Whether eaten warm from the toaster, straight from the package, or frozen into the ultimate treat, Pop-Tarts are more than just a favorite food. That pop culture icon is getting the movie treatment from Jerry Seinfeld. Could Pop-Tarts and a flick be the new favorite movie combo?

Although the Netflix/Seinfeld movie, UNFROSTED, was created without the company's permission, the Kellanova brand is embracing its cinematic moment. Sometimes it is better to lean into the moment than just to push it aside.

While the Seinfeld fictional origin story might be a lark, it showcases the strong connection that all ages have to the classic food. Whether the older generation remembers those special treats that rarely were part of breakfast or the younger generation who has found ways to transform the pastry pockets into ultimate culinary creations, people cannot wait to open that silver package.

In honor of the new UNFROSTED Netflix movie, Pop-Tarts will be hosting special activations and releasing a special offering, “Trat-Pops.” As Heidi Ray, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Pop-Tarts said, "UNFROSTED is the ultimate flattery, and the biggest fanfiction ever. At every level of fandom, Pop-Tarts continues to spark creativity – from the user-generated Edible Mascot memes at the Pop-Tarts Bowl to a homemade recipe from arguably the world's biggest pop star, and now to Jerry Seinfeld's UNFROSTED film. We've been at the heart of culture for 60 years, and look forward to inspiring it for many, many more."

As part of the celebration, the special digital short captures the humor and sentimentality that people appreciate. Check out this clip.

While people in Pontiacs eating Pop-Tarts could be a new, funny series, the other pop culture references are abundant. But, few people should really try to quit their day job for greener, or toastier, pastures.

On the other hand, it is nice to see that Seinfeld and Pop-Tarts can have a little fun regarding this potentially big legal battle. Trademark infringement is not a joking matter. “Borrowing” a colorful font, unique idea, or other protected item is a legal issue that causes no one to laugh. Maybe there should be a small print disclaimer scrolling at the bottom of this clip to remove any liablity.

Although the laughs are many, Pop-Tarts fans are more excited about the potential of tasting some of those special food items. From winning some “Trat-Pops” to other fun items throughout the Netflix movie promotion, it seems that no one is saying – “No Pop-Tarts for you.”

More information on the UNFROSTED collaboration can be found on Pop-Tarts social media accounts. UNFROSTED can be streamed on Netflix starting on May 3.