Popchips Nacho gets a paws up approval from Garfield

Popchips Nacho partner with The Garfield Movie
Popchips Nacho partner with The Garfield Movie / Cristine Struble

While the infamous cat might hate Mondays, Garfield has a voracious appetite for great food and snacks. With his new movie hitting theaters, the Popchips Nacho flavor is a much more convenient movie snack than a plate of lasagna.

Popchips deliver the crunch that people want yet they have less fat than traditional potato chips. Whether eating some while watching a favorite movie or enjoyed flying to an epic destination on JetBlue, these tasty yet light chips are delicious.

To kick off the summer fun, Popchips partnered with the new Garfield movie to offer a bold snack, Nacho Popchips. As seen in this clip, Garfield happily munches on the snack while watching cat videos.

As Marshall Osborne, Chief Growth Officer of Our Home, Popchips' parent brand. “The amusing movie scene wonderfully captures the chip's satisfying flavor and crunch that you just can't stop eating. Garfield loves it, and we know snackers everywhere will too."

Popchips Nachos capture that cheese yet slightly spicy flavor that people expect. Even though the tangy heat is not overpowering, it is easy to go back chip after chip. Even if your fingers might get a little orange tinge after eating a few handfuls, the taste is worth it.

Also, do not let any broken pieces go to waste. There are plenty of ways to repurpose them. From a topping on a hot dog to a crunchy layer on mac and cheese, there are many uses. Even Garfield’s favorite food, lasagna would be tasty with a Popchips topping.

While the Popchips Nacho might be Garfield’s preferred choice, the other characters should not be left out. Everyone would guess that John is the traditional sea salt. Odie is definitely sour cream and onion.

The connection between a pop culture moment and a popular snack is key to not only engage fans but also bring in new consumers. When people see a food on screen, they want to get that taste for themselves. Whether it is a new product or seeing a familiar favorite in a new light, that image converts into a purchase.  

For now, everyone can purchase the limited edition Garfield Popchips Nacho at Walmart, Aldi, Sprouts, Stop & Shop, Giant Eagle, Redner's, Fresh Thyme, Cub Foods, Hy-Vee, Festival Foods and some other retailers.