PopCorners Jalapeño Popper races to a bold snacking flavor win

PopCorners Jalapeno Popper flavor
PopCorners Jalapeno Popper flavor / PopCorners

When that crunchy, light food craving hits, there is only one snack that tops the must open list. PopCorners captures that airy crunch without sacrificing on taste. With the new PopCorners  Jalapeño Popper flavor, the cheesy spicy flavor is ready to earn the snacking crown.

Although some people try to follow a balance eating lifestyle, the desire to eat some snacks does not have to derail the food choices. An option, like PopCorners, offers that satisfying crunch without being heavy, greasy, or otherwise calorically dense option. For people who like popcorn but wanted more texture and snacking convenience, the snack fills a void.

While PopCorners has several flavors in its line-up, it was missing a spicy option. Sure, that classic Sea Salt is enjoyable while flying JetBlue, but some people prefer a little burn in the bag. Given that spicy flavors have taken over the snack shelf, the PepsiCo snack brand needed to branch out to capture and keep its snacking fan base.

The new PopCorners Jalapeño Popper flavor is a curious choice for the brand. While the food company could have sprinkled some crushed pepper or drizzled some sriracha on a chip, this flavor concept is more robust. In a way, it takes the classic appetizer and makes it portable. Maybe, it is the solution to multiple food trends.

As Rhasheda Boyd, vice president of marketing, PepsiCo said, "In developing the new Jalapeño Popper flavor, we saw an unmet desire for spicier options in the snack aisle. So, we decided to embrace our 'popped, never fried' motto with a unique take on a familiar food."

Although the snack is not necessarily an exact imitation of the jalapeno popper, but less messy, it captures what people like about that dish. The flavor has a cheesy creaminess with a tingle of heat. It will not have anyone running to put out the fiery flames from too much spice. Instead, it is just enough heat that makes it easy to eat half a bag in one sitting.

Since flavors need to work well with a snack’s texture, this cheesy, spicy combination is smart. Given the texture is light, yet crunchy, there are highs and lows in the eating experience. It is not necessarily the same as a kettle chip where the cooking method makes for a bolder flavor. But, the texture and consistency has moments where some bites are bigger than others.

To kick off this new flavor, PopCorners is heading to the Kentucky Derby to give guests an opportunity to taste this new offering. Although no one is challenged to eat an entire bag in less than two minutes, the contrast of the bold snack with the sports setting has everyone betting on a winning snack flavor. Let the horses have some carrots, but these snacks would be great with a Kentucky Mule or a Woodford Spire.

More information on the new flavor, Kentucky Derby event, and more can be found on the brand’s website and socials.

This year, PopCorners is ready to race to the head of the pack and leave all the other snacks in the dust. Ready to open a bag and discover the taste that exceeds all the expectations?