Popeyes makes a big game bet that has everyone cheering for free chicken wings

Popeyes free chicken wings promotion for the big game
Popeyes free chicken wings promotion for the big game / Popeyes

As the road to Las Vegas and the big game on February 12, 2024 takes shape, many people are making their predictions. Although it will take several weeks to determine which AFC and NFC will battle for the Lombardi Trophy, Popeyes is staking its claim to a preferred outcome. For anyone who wants free chicken wings on Fat Tuesday, they will be cheering for the birds. 

To celebrate chicken wings permanently joining the Popeyes menu, the quick service restaurant is betting that any team with wings in its name or logo wins the big game. If that outcome occurs, everyone will get a free 6 piece wings order on Tuesday, February 13, 2024.  

Speaking to this special bet, Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer for Popeyes said, “The best combo in the world is football, wings, and a little wager. We are making a bet with Popeyes fans in the U.S. and Canada that if a football team with wings wins it all, then we will give everyone Popeyes NEW chicken Wings to celebrate.” 

To be clear, Popeyes is betting that the Philadelphia Eagles, Baltimore Ravens, or the Buffalo Bills will win the game. Sorry Green Bay, San Fransisco, Kansas City and Miami, your teams are not part of the teams with wings in their name, logo, or mascot.  

Although no one can predict that outcome, there is a strong possibility that a team with wings could win the big game. More importantly, it could get some people who do not a “bird” in the fight to pull for one of those teams.  

Why is Popeyes making the free chicken wings bet?  

The big game bet is to celebrate the permanent addition of chicken wings on the menu. During the first quarter of the game, Popeyes will have an advertisement that showcases the five flavors.  

While many people love the traditional fried chicken from the quick service restaurant, the permanent addition of the chicken wings shows a brand evolution. Although the menu launch might not have been quite as viral as the chicken sandwich launch, it is a smart addition for the food brand.  

Chicken wings are a popular food. From an easy meal to a party platter, people enjoy digging into that hand held food.  

Plus, Popeyes chose five flavors that are appeal to a wide range of people. From Ghost Pepper’s extreme spice to a slightly sweet Honey BBQ, it invites all flavor preferences to enjoy a taste of the crispy, crunchy texture of these chicken wings.  

Will everyone get a chance to enjoy free chicken wings? Popeyes is rolling the dice on the big free food bet.