Popeyes celebrates a new permanent menu item with free food offer

Jimmy O. Yang for Popeyes Boneless Wings
Jimmy O. Yang for Popeyes Boneless Wings / Popeyes

While that classic Popeyes chicken and biscuits will always be front and center on the menu, a limited time food offering just got permanent menu status. Popeyes Boneless Wings converted Jimmy O. Yang to a believer and this free food offer could gain even more fans.

After too much talk about chicken sandwiches, quick service restaurants are ditching the bun for the chicken nugget or the boneless chicken wing. People can debate whether these two food items are the same or different. But, everyone can agree that the flavorful bites can be quite craveable.

Food lover Jimmy O. Yang needed some convincing. While he knows his way around a kitchen and has some definite opinions about food, boneless wings were not his top choice. Popeyes' offering has caused him to change his mind.

As he said, "Okay, you got me. I wasn't acting at all. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm officially a boneless believer. Popeyes has made a boneless wing so good that I'm eating my words. I used to be a hater —honestly, I've always been a hater —but after trying these, holy #$!@, they're incredible. If these wings can convert me, they can convert anyone."

While Yang’s endorsement is telling, it is more than one person who has been convinced that Popeyes has delivered another game changing menu item. As Jeff Klein, President of Popeyes North America asserted, “Our culinary team brought the best flavors from our existing Wing platform to this new Boneless offering to give our guests the best of both worlds.”

Since Popeyes believes that tasting is believing, it is kicking off Boneless Wings’ permanent menu status with a free food offer. Now through July 14, guests can receive six free Boneless Wings with any $10 purchase.

And, if you would prefer to turn those Boneless Wings into a sandwich. Consider buying some extra biscuits. Some boneless wings sandwiched in between two biscuit pieces are delicious. Or, even an open faced biscuit with coleslaw and signature hot is a great meal.

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