Forget ringing the bell, it is time to press the bubly button

Press for bubly button
Press for bubly button / bubly

While some people might be lucky enough to ring a bell for dinner service or shake for champagne on that cruise vacation, it is now time to press the bubly button. Sparkling water on demand makes flavorful hydration even more enjoyable.  

At the start of the year, many people embrace the Dry January movement. It might be a way to moderate the overindulgence from the holidays. Others might have a desire to see how cutting back on alcoholic beverages feels. No matter the reason, the resolution happens.  

Although the initial enthusiasm may be strong, the concept can start to fade as the days and weeks go further into the month. But, having flavorful options and a wide variety can keep the boredom away and the enthusiasm high.  

For many people, sparkling water is the go to beverage to not only keep hydrated but also be the option to enjoy instead of that beer, wine or cocktail. Whether drunk on its own or used as a topper for a mocktail, the uses are many.  

The idea of press the bubly button is to keep that flavorful, vivacious sparkling water always at the ready. It might not be as bougie as popping some other bottles, but it is a choice that is balanced.  

As Patrick Gamble, Senior Brand Manager for bubly sparkling water said, “Since introducing bubly to market in 2018, we've seen consumers' affinity for sparkling water only continue to grow. Now, with the limited run 'press for bubly' button, we've unlocked LTE technology to deliver bubly at the press of a button, making it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on bubly sparkling water." 

Select winners in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago will get the press for bubly buttons. It comes with free sparkling water for the year. In addition, other fans have an opportunity to win 8-packs. More information can be found at  

Convenience combined with refreshing flavor can make any change more obtainable. Whether it is pressing for beverages, ringing a bell, or another innovative means, the reality is that refreshment with a little sparkle is even more satisfying.