Grab a Proper Punch cocktail to enjoy while watching Road House

Proper Punch
Proper Punch / Proper No. Twelve

While Conor McGregor might make quite an entrance in the Roadhouse movie on Amazon Prime, his Proper No. Twelve whiskey is a great pour to sip while watching every brutal blow. Unlike those fists of fury on screen, this Proper Punch cocktail will not leave a mark after enjoying one.

Over the years, Proper No. Twelve has become a favorite choice with many whiskey drinkers. An approachable spirit, the Irish grain with a hint of honey has a sweetness that many people enjoy. While it is delightful drunk neat or over a single cube, the liquor’s versatility lends itself to be a great cocktail spirit.

Since more people are pairing a favorite film with a spirited sipper, a few of the Proper No. Twelve cocktails are great choices for a Roadhouse movie night. Although McGregor might play a villain in the movie, these cocktails do not have a sinister side. They are bright, refreshing, and quite enjoyable.

Proper Punch from Proper No. Twelve

Mixing Irish whiskey and citrus flavors is always a great combination. In this cocktail, the flavor gets an extra lightness from the seltzer. In addition, the bubbles help to make the brightness from the citrus a little zestier.

But, like any punch, drinkers should be cautious. No one wants to over indulge and be laid out on the floor.

Proper Punch


375ml Bottle of Proper No. Twelve
3/4 cup Lemonade
1/2 cup Lemon Juice
1 cup Red Wine
3/4 cup Seltzer
2 Lemons, sliced into wheels
Mint Leaves


Combine Ingredients. Shake or stir. Serve over ice.

If a single serve libation is preferred, consider the Proper Left Hook. A sour cocktail, the touch of sweetness helps to keep this cocktail well balanced. But, like the Proper Punch, it can leave a mark if it is not enjoyed with some water in between each serving.

These Proper No. Twelve cocktails and more can be found on the liquor brand’s website. In addition, bottles of the Irish whiskey and its apple flavored counterpart can be found at various retailers.